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MIRC v4.52 Name MIRC s/n 5545-573826 Mirc-16 v4.52 16-bit for Windows 3.1 Name mIRC Supporter Registration No 1869-196544 Mirc-32 v4.52 32-bit for Windows 95 Name mIRC Supporter Registration No 1869-196544 Mirc-32 v4.6 32-bit for Windows 95 Name PARASITE '96 Code 11606-973008

Serial numbers
MIRC Crack is an IRC client for windows client which is used for sharing, contact and play with any other on m IRC Networks by an organization.MIRC 7.52 Crack is a software which can be used to share, play and work with others on IRC networks around the world.The multi-user group organizations one-to-one private discussions.m IRC Crack is a full-featured Windows Internet Relay Chat service that can be used to interact, share, practice or operate with other people around the world on the IRC network, from multi-user community meetings to one-on-one personal conversations.It has an extremely configurable, clean, and practical design that provides such things as pairing cards, data return, multi-server links, IPv6, SSL encryption, web help, UTF-8 screens, UPn P, customizable voice, voice text, screen notifications, Characteristic records such as text.

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