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cFosSpeed 10.27 keygen Archives

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Direct cFosSpeed version 11.6 Build 2462 Repack -=TeamOS=-


cFosSpeed is an internet traffic shaping utility for Windows-based PC that closely monitors and optimizes the bandwidth usage and performs traffic shaping to reduces ping to speed up the internet connection no matter user connection type. It optimizes active network traffics but also increases throughput and maintains a high relationship even during phases of intensive downloads. cFosSpeed allows managing the priorities of every Internet connection, putting a user in complete control over the importance of simultaneously running processes. The primary goal of the application is delivering the maximum possible speed while keeping the ping to minimum values.

cFosSpeed uses technology to control the internal bandwidth and works by separation of different services used on PC. It is a packet filtering program used for managing incoming and outgoing data streams to improve internet latency and overall connection speed. It analyzes data in real-time and sets priorities on data packets, protocols, and essential programs from the rest of Internet traffic.

The software comprises many intelligent features that keep the Internet at speed even-though users already have started generating heavy traffic over the line, enhance the ping latencies for the gamer, and cut down issues regarding audio/video streaming. The technology behind these benefits relies on the `Traffic Shaping` that adds an RWIN expansion to the standard Windows RCP Auto-Tuning and the `Prioritization` which automatically sets specific applications such as Web browsers, games, or VoIP to the higher priority than both ordinary or file-sharing download and upload operations.

The program features are a firewall, data volume configuration, displays online time, and also offers a network monitoring utility.

  • Free configurable prioritization;
  • Self-calibrating;
  • Layer-7 evaluation firewall software
  • Automatic router discovery;
  • Optimum dial-up links;
  • VPN-WLAN-WiFi-MTU-Optimization;
  • Multi customer features;
  • Broadband limitations;
  • Full download rate during upload;
  • Keep user internet fast during heavy upload/download;
  • Consistently quick response time of user Internet even under heavy load;
  • Substantially less lag in online games (improve user Ping);
  • Improved VoIP speech quality;
  • Reduce audio/video streaming problems;
  • Wi-Fi access point;
  • Nice status window (with skins), so the user always see what is going on;
  • cFos Traffic Shaping for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

What is new in version 11.06 build 2462 (Released on October 30, 2020):
  • Speed-up for high-speed connections. Now you should get full thruput, even on slower machines;
  • Added new passthru mode 3; old modes 3 and 4 are now 4 and 5. Added a passthru mode 6, which causes the whole NET_BUFFER_LIST chain to be ignored;
  • Status window position is now stored with respect to monitor resolution;
  • Fixed problems with WAN Dial-Up if you had only one of IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity;
  • Fixed a crash in status window;
  • Fixed a spurious bluescreen when RX shaping was active;
  • Fixed a bluescreen in the 32-bit version;
  • cFosSpeed accessed RSC structures on NDIS < 6.30, where such structures are not yet supported. This led to all kinds of statistical miscalculations;
  • Fixed wrong average transfer units (spd cons -atu). This is used in rx shaping as well;
  • Some users experienced mouse hangs while downloading heavily. Now the number of worker threads has been limited to half the number of CPU cores to fix this;
  • Fixed installation problem on Windows 8.1;
  • Improved cFosSpeed thruput on Gigabit connections;
  • Default program icon image was always small -- fixed;
  • Finally fixed spd.exe crash! That bug was ancient, but now it is gone;
  • Finally fixed hanging downloads with NordVPN when RWIN expansion was used. This turned out to be poor programming of NordVPN's driver;
  • Fixed dumping of LSO/RSC packets;
  • Fixed motionless HTML skin window;
  • cFosSpeed will no longer lower the MSS when RWIN expansion is used. This could have resulted in slower downloads on high bandwidth connections;
  • Fixed a bluescreen when data was transferred in multiple MDLs;
  • Fixed a bluescreen when RWIN expansion was used;
  • Support for Windows 20H2 (version 2009);
  • Added gset copy_oob. It can be disabled for debug purposes;

What is new in version 11.00 build 2420 (Released on April 21, 2020):
  • Extensive re-write of the cFosSpeed core networking code:
    • Special speed-up for pass-through LAN traffic (not traffic shaped);
    • Designed to keep all out-of-band packet info intact, resulting in;
    • improved ad hoc VPN compatibility;
    • Improved analysis of networking edge cases;
    • Support for NDIS header/data split;
    • Additional speed improvements of Traffic Shaping path;
    • Support for Task Offloading: Checksum Offloading (IP and TCP/UDP), Large Segment Offloading, and Receive Segment Coalescing.
  • With the new networking code, cFosSpeed has only barely noticeable CPU load even at full blast 10 GBit/s LAN traffic;
  • Added a new API to get current connections info, which is 20(!) times faster than the old one;
  • The current connections dialog now displays a CPS history of the last 15 secs;
  • If several routes to the Internet exist simultaneously, cFosSpeed can now use all of them for Traffic Shaping. This is especially useful if you have a balancing setup, e.g., one LAN adapter and one mobile adapter in use at the same time;
  • Added new pingers: UDPv6. This should make cFosSpeed's pings even more stable;
  • Removed "idle" class. Now every connection with set L7-protocol and known program name gets a class assigned right away;
  • Added new "spd gset passthru" modes. So far, we had:
    • 0 = switch off passthru mode - data is put through driver;
    • 1 = do as little as possible to hand packets to the next driver;
    • 2 = do all the port handling but do not analyze or modify the packet.
    Now we add:
    • 3 = tx data: like 1, rx data: like 2;
    • 4 = tx data: like 2, rx data: like 1.
    Debugging purpose only.
  • All dialog pages are now integrated into the main navigation;
  • Reaction time in RWIN expansion was speeded thus increasing throughput;
  • Changed HTTP requests, so they are hopefully more compatible with certain proxies;
  • For click-through-auto mode, you can now configure the time needed to switch off click-through (the time you need to hover the mouse pointer over the cFosSpeed window). To change that time, set the key click_through_time=<secs> in file %LOCALAPPDATA%\cfos\cfosspeed\user_data.ini, section [All]. The default is 3 secs. Thanks to leon479959891 for the suggestion;
  • Added "spd flush_usage_logs". Speeded "spd flush";
  • To save processing power, the cFosSpeed service now uses routing/address/interface change notifications to monitor route changes instead of a periodic timer;
  • Optimized handling of how used programs are tracked and stored. It is now faster and more consistent;
  • Used tech from cFos Personal Net to make the internal web server of the cFosSpeed service more responsive;
  • "spd pcnt" will only work if new flag global_counters is set to 1. Enable it with "spd gset global_counters 1";
  • Added time to "X" type line of metadata dump. This line is printed when a TCP or UDP connection is killed;
  • cFosSpeed can now display a toast notification under Win 10 Build 17763+. A click on the new version update notification leads to our web page, where user can download the installation archive;
  • By default, full-screen detections requires that the full-screen window is on the same monitor as the cFosSpeed status window. User can change it so the full screen is detected even if the full-screen window is on a different monitor than the cFosSpeed status window, by setting "per_monitor_fullscreen=0" in the file
    c:\users\<you>\appdata\local\cfos\cfosspeed\user_data.ini section [All]. Thanks to Ori for the suggestion;
  • Added a setting where you can turn off full-screen detection if the fullscreen window is not on the same monitor;
  • Added IPv6 support for IP lists. The format is the same as for IPv4, just with IPv6 addresses instead. Since IPv6 addresses contain ':,' it is assumed that Protowall format IP lists do not use ':' in the "name" portion. If that becomes a problem, use Emule format instead;
  • cFosSpeed will only use the prefix, i.e., the upper 64 bits of an IPv6 address since the lower 64 bits are the interface identifier and are entirely local;
  • When the stored password to your license is lost or wrong, the screen that asks for it anew will now also accept your 30-char serial number, if that is
    how you got your key;
  • Sometimes, the language selected at installation time was not used in the demon. Likewise, a language change in the daemon would not change the language for the next installation. Fixed;
  • Fixed a condition that could lead to starving TCP connections when RWIN expansion was used;
  • Sometimes, packets were leaked if expand_rwin was active, i.e., some packets were never freed. This leads to memory problems and hangs when uninstalling/reinstalling cFosSpeed. It was a long-standing bug. Fixed;
  • Fixed TCP connection problem on connections without TCP WSCALE if RWIN expansion was enabled;
  • Fixed bug in bulk detection: if downloading with HTTP, bulk streams would be re-classified as HTTP_C for a short time after each new GET. Fixed;
  • Fixed "spd TCB <remote wild>". You can specify a wildcard for the remote address: port pair. The wildcard is case-insensitive, IPv6 addresses are in "[]," and IPv6 addresses are written as short as possible (omitting leading zeros and using the "::" abbreviation;
  • Fixed a long-standing bug in RWIN expansion that could lead to slow connection setups;
  • When cFosSpeed was transferring lots of data, spd commands and current connections could sometimes answer very slowly. Fixed;
  • Fixed a display bug in "current connections" which didn't indicate user-changed prio;
  • Fixed bug which caused 100% load on one core;
  • Fixed a bug where the cFosSpeed status window would not regard the position of the system taskbar with auto-arrange. Thanks to George H;
  • Many of the fixes could only be done with the help of many friendly users that send traces and dump files, like ckcampbell1963, aleksxp, a11111135, Daniel Hänel, myfootstep, leozhdan, Priben Kranz, Drool and Contor. Thanks to you all;
  • RWIN expansion will now, by default, negotiate windows that allow full blast downloads with an RTT of 200 ms. Change expand_rwin_dest_time if you want
    a different time;
  • When allocating memory, only nonpaged memory will now be used. No more allocation and locking of paged memory is performed. This worked only very rarely anyway;
  • Update to Visual Studio 2019;
  • Removed variables mtu_limit, data_compression_*, vj_compression_*, fixed_speed and add_overhead_*;
  • (Re)setting the prio class will now have an immediate visual effect, even if there is no data on the connection;
  • Support for Windows 19H2, November 2019 Update and Windows 19H1 (version 1903);
  • Removed the option to disable the taskbar icon. You can use the Windows taskbar configuration dialog to hide the taskbar icon if you want;
  • Removed WMI and keyboard LED support. All variables/values are available via our built-in web server.

What is new in version 10.27 Build 2324 Beta (Released on June 25, 2018):
  • Improvements for metadata dumping.

System requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8.1 & 10.

Install notes:
1. Run the executable file or command-line interpreter program for silent installation;
2. Enjoy!


File: cFosSpeed 11.6.2462.exee

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MD5: 128EC1A8853CC3060B965D6DE4F997B3
SHA1: 249FE4F280C80CF50A0AE09FB9F3FB3AC98383A2
SHA256: BC0EC8322D574CC9D2BF34A951D3BF1FD2750158FFEF37E8F07301FBA4A7E779

Kind regards,
in collaboration with TeamOS ;)

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cFosSpeed 10.26 Build 2312 / 10.27 Build 2330 Beta + Full Cracks

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      OS: Windows 7 64bit,Windows 7 32bit,Windows 10 64bit
    • WLAN+BT
  • BIOS(+16)
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Homepage :

Changelog :


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cFosSpeed is an Internet Accelerator with Bandwidth Management and Traffic Shaping. It increases your throughput and reduces your Ping. Whenever you access the Internet with more than one data stream cFosSpeed can optimize the traffic. The program attaches itself as a device driver to the Windows network stack where it can then perform packet inspection and layer-7 protocol analysis. Ping optimizer plus packet prioritization. Traffic Shaping is a method for optimizing the Internet traffic. It allows maximum speed while ensuring minimal Ping. Outgoing traffic is not sent out indiscriminately. Instead, data packets are first queued and then sent out in order of their priority. This way, data that is needed immediately is transmitted before less time-critical data.

cFosSpeed also reduces network congestion for downloads by lowering the TCP window size to keep the sender from sending too much data at once. In addition, cFosSpeed contains a packet filter firewall, time and volume online budgets, a skinnable transfer monitor and several other special purpose features. It has a filter language that allows experts to write their own traffic classifications.

• Improve your Ping for online games

• Keep your internet fast during heavy upload/download

• NEW: Improve mobile Internet

• Reduce audio/video streaming problems

• Improve VoIP speech quality

cFosSpeed supports a wide variety of connections, like DSL, ADSL, VDSL, Cable, Modem, ISDN, Mobile (GSM, GPRS, HSCSD, UMTS, HSDPA), File sharing (P2P), Online Games, VoIP, Streaming Media, and Tuning. You can use cFosSpeed with a router and/or a DSL-modem or cable-modem. With cFosSpeed improve your Ping for online games, keep your internet fast during heavy upload or download, improve mobile Internet, improve VoIP speech quality, and reduce audio/video streaming problems.


• cFosSpeed prevents one application (e.g. sending email) from choking all others, like telephone calls, chat, etc.

• cFosSpeed keeps your ping times low, so you can play online games and download files simultaneously.

• All important data packets are automatically prioritized over unimportant ones. With the cFosSpeed program and protocol prioritization you can configure your applications ideally and/or add new Programs.

• Real-time analysis of your data: With the new status window you can easily recognize which data streams you are currently transfering.

• cFosSpeed runs with DSL, Cable, WLAN, CDMA2000, UMTS, WCDMA, Modem, ISDN, broadband mobile (2G / 3G).

• Here a detailed explanation of cFosSpeed’s Traffic Shaping.

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CFosSpeed 10.27 keygen Archives
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cFosSpeed 10.27 keygen Archives


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