Rubymine full version Archives

Rubymine full version Archives

Get past releases and previous versions of IntelliJ IDEA. 2019.3.5 - Windows ZIP Archive with Bundled JBR 8 (zip). Select OK and the archive managerwill show us a folder of the uncompressed Follow the instructions contained inthis file to complete the installation. Causes a complete rebuild of all the projects ever run in the current version of IntelliJ IDEA. See details here.

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5 Things You Might Not Know About IntelliJ

Most of you know that IntelliJ is a kick-ass Java editor. And most of you are right – it is! It kicks ass. But what many of you may not know about our beloved IDE is that it has much more to offer, Rubymine full version Archives. At Conductor we’ve seen IntelliJ adoption grow from a single lone wolf developer into an army of mavericks. I think the reason for this is simple: IntelliJ does the work of many tools in one. There are many former Eclipse users among us who have discovered that keeping their workflow in a single context helps them stay focused. Some never knew what they were missing, Rubymine full version Archives. Let’s take a journey down the stack, from data to display, and discover…

5 things you might not know about IntelliJ (that IntelliJ may know about you…)

1. IntelliJ knows your data…
IntelliJ has a nice set of database tools and support for executing SQL queries. You can configure a data source using the instructions here, or down here…

Once you’ve wired up your data source you can execute queries in the IDE like so…

IntelliJ Data Support

The autocomplete feature is particularly useful for lazy people like you and me!

2. IntelliJ knows your repository…
If you do a lot of branching or have a repository with many contributors it can be helpful to incorporate version control into your development environment. Whether you use git or Subversion, you can integrate your repository with the IntelliJ workspace using the instructions here.

I find the annotate feature to be particularly useful for troubleshooting…
VCS annotation
When you click on a line’s annotation you can see the commit message and files associated with the commit.

Another nice feature of IntelliJ’s version control integration is being able to see the revision history for your repository…

IntelliJ revision history support

The ability to look at changelogs from multiple branches makes cherry-picking quick and easy.

3. IntelliJ knows your markup…
Lets face it, Rubymine full version Archives, folks: Writing HTML is tiresome. IntelliJ takes some pain out of the process with a few nice autocomplete and navigation features.

I used to find surrounding large chunks of markup with opening and closing tags to be both tedious and terrifying at the same time…
HTML Autocomplete
Now I just press Command-Alt-T to wrap a tag around my code and I move on with my life.

I hate when I don’t know which element I’m in because my HTML spills out of the window…
HTML out-of-frame preview
No problem. I can find the opening tag for any closing tag that my cursor is on even if it’s outside of the window.

Sometimes you just want to know where to add some markup without having to parse the document line by line…

HTML collapse

What better way to see the overall DOM structure than to collapse elements to get a larger perspective?

4. IntelliJ knows your JavaScript…
JavaScript is dynamic, which makes it flexible, but which also means you don’t always get the safety net of compile-time type checking and optimization as you code, Rubymine full version Archives. So it can be easy to let errors and bad code slip through.

No worries! IntelliJ will parse and validate your JavaScript as you write it, to give you back some of that warm, fuzzy precompiled feeling…
JavaScript Autocomplete
I let the IDE keep track of my variable namespace and offer suggestions when I autocomplete. If I declare a variable that never gets used, IntelliJ will let me know I should delete it.

Once you’ve written some JavaScript, the JSHint feature in IntelliJ is a great way to validate your code before pushing it…
JSHint will warn you about errors as well as violations of best practice, such as using the == operator instead of the === operator for comparison.

5. IntelliJ knows your CSS…
CSS has lots of rules, 🙄 almost too many to remember. I wish I were a walking CSS encyclopedia, but I need to free up the very limited space in my brain to use for other things (like blogging about CSS).

When it comes to CSS, I let IntelliJ do the talking with its handy CSS autocomplete feature…
CSS Autocomplete
CSS Autocomplete 2
Did you know that there are at least 22 valid declarations for the CSS display selector? Well, Rubymine full version Archives, now you do.

It also helps to see the color you’re describing when you type a value for a color-related CSS property…
CSS color
CSS colors
I’ve even used the color display and my eyeballs to locate the CSS selector for a particular element.

Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list of what IntelliJ knows how to do. There’s also great support in IntelliJ for Maven, Tomcat, Rubymine full version Archives, Spring, Hibernate, Android, etc, Rubymine full version Archives. Too many technologies to name! These are just a few of my favorite things. Check here for a full list of the latest features. As you can see, the good people at JetBrains have been working hard to make your life easier.

I don’t always explore several layers of the stack in one IDE simultaneously… but when I do, I use IntelliJ.

IntelliJ Full Stack Support

Stay thirsty, my friends…


Evan Tsao

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IntelliJ IDEA Key Bindings for Visual Studio Code

Build StatusLicense: MITMarketplace VersionInstall

Port of IntelliJ IDEA key bindings for VS Code, Rubymine full version Archives. Includes keymaps for popular JetBrains products like IntelliJ Ultimate, WebStorm, PyCharm, PHP Storm, etc.


IntelliJ Importer

IntelliJ Importer

Import keymaps XML

  1. Launch Code
  2. Open command pallet -- (Windows) or -- (macOS)
  3. Choose
  4. Copy & Paste it into


Linux, WindowsmacOSFeatureSupported
ctrl+spacectrl+spaceBasic code completion (the name of Rubymine full version Archives class, Rubymine full version Archives, method or variable)
ctrl+shift+spacectrl+shift+spaceSmart code completion (filters the list of methods and variables by expected type)N/A
enterenterChoose Lookup Item
tabtabChoose Lookup Item Replace
ctrl+shift+entercmd+shift+enterComplete statement
ctrl+pcmd+pParameter info (within method Rubymine full version Archives arguments)
ctrl+qctrl+jQuick documentation lookup
ctrl+f1shift+f1External DocN/A
ctrl+mouseovercmd+mouseoverBrief InfoN/A
ctrl+f1cmd+f1Show descriptions of error or warning at caret
alt+insertcmd+nGenerate code. (Getters, Setters, Constructors, hashCode/equals, toString)
ctrl+octrl+oOverride methods
ctrl+ictrl+iImplement methods
ctrl+alt+tcmd+alt+tSurround with. (if.else, try.catch, for, synchronized, etc.)N/A
ctrl+/cmd+/Comment/uncomment with line comment
ctrl+numpad_dividecmd+numpad_divideComment/uncomment with line comment
ctrl+shift+/cmd+alt+/Comment/uncomment with block comment
ctrl+shift+numpad_dividecmd+alt+numpad_divideComment/uncomment with block comment
ctrl+walt+upSelect successively increasing code blocks
ctrl+shift+walt+downDecrease current selection to previous state
alt+qctrl+shift+qContext infoN/A
alt+enteralt+enterShow intention actions Rubymine full version Archives quick-fixes
ctrl+alt+lcmd+alt+lReformat code
ctrl+alt+lcmd+alt+lReformat selected code
ctrl+alt+octrl+alt+oOptimize imports
ctrl+alt+ictrl+alt+iAuto-indent line(s)N/A
tabtabIndent selected linesN/A
shift+tabshift+tabUnindent selected linesN/A
ctrl+xcmd+xCut current line or selected block to clipboard
shift+deletecmd+deleteCut current line or selected block to clipboard
ctrl+ccmd+cCopy current line or selected block to clipboard
ctrl+vcmd+vPaste from clipboard
ctrl+shift+vcmd+shift+vPaste from recent buffers.N/A
ctrl+dcmd+dDuplicate Line
ctrl+dcmd+dDuplicate Selection
ctrl+ycmd+backspaceDelete line at caret
ctrl+shift+jctrl+shift+jSmart line join
ctrl+entercmd+enterSmart line split
shift+entershift+enterStart new line
ctrl+shift+ucmd+shift+uToggle case for word at caret or selected blockN/A
ctrl+shift+]cmd+shift+]Select till code block endN/A
ctrl+shift+[cmd+shift+[Select till code block startN/A
ctrl+deletealt+deleteDelete to word end
ctrl+backspacealt+backspaceDelete Rubymine full version Archives word start
ctrl+=cmd+=Expand code block
ctrl+numpad_addcmd+numpad_addExpand code block
ctrl+-cmd+-Collapse code block
ctrl+numpad_subtractcmd+numpad_subtractCollapse code block
ctrl+alt+=cmd+alt+=Expand code block recursively
ctrl+alt+numpad_addcmd+alt+numpad_addExpand code block recursively
ctrl+alt+-cmd+alt+-Collapse code block recursively
ctrl+alt+numpad_subtractcmd+alt+numpad_subtractCollapse code block recursively
ctrl+shift+=cmd+shift+=Expand all
ctrl+shift+numpad_addcmd+shift+numpad_addExpand all
ctrl+shift+-cmd+shift+-Collapse all
ctrl+shift+numpad_subtractcmd+shift+numpad_subtractCollapse all
ctrl+f4cmd+wClose active editor tab
alt+jctrl+gAdd selection for Next Occurrence
alt+shift+jctrl+shift+gUnselect Occurrence
shift+alt+downshift+alt+downMove Line Down
shift+alt+upshift+alt+upMove Line Up
shift+ctrl+8shift+cmd+8Column Selection Mode


Linux, WindowsmacOSFeatureSupported
shift shiftshift shiftSearch everywhere
f3cmd+gFind next
shift+f3cmd+shift+gFind previous
ctrl+shift+fcmd+shift+fFind in path
ctrl+shift+rcmd+shift+rReplace in path
ctrl+shift+scmd+shift+sSearch structurally Rubymine full version Archives Edition only)N/A
ctrl+shift+mcmd+shift+mReplace structurally (Ultimate Edition only)N/A

Usage Search

Linux, WindowsmacOSFeatureSupported
alt+f7alt+f7Find usages
alt+ctrl+f7alt+cmd+f7Show usages
ctrl+f7cmd+f7Find usages in fileN/A
ctrl+shift+f7cmd+shift+f7Highlight usages in fileN/A
ctrl+alt+f7cmd+alt+f7Show usagesN/A

Compile and Run

Linux, WindowsmacOSFeatureSupported
ctrl+f9cmd+f9Make project (compile modifed and dependent)
ctrl+shift+f9cmd+shift+f9Compile selected file, package or moduleN/A
alt+shift+f10ctrl+alt+rSelect configuration and run
alt+shift+f9ctrl+alt+dSelect configuration and debug
ctrl+shift+f10ctrl+shift+rRun context configuration from editorN/A
ctrl+shift+f10ctrl+shift+rDebug context configuration from editorN/A


Linux, WindowsmacOSFeatureSupported
f8f8Step over
f7f7Step into
shift+f7shift+f7Smart step intoN/A
shift+f8shift+f8Step out
alt+f9alt+f9Run to cursor
alt+f8alt+f8Evaluate expression
alt+f8alt+f8Evaluate expression (selection)
f9cmd+alt+rResume program
ctrl+f8cmd+f8Toggle breakpoint
ctrl+shift+f8cmd+shift+f8View breakpoints


Linux, WindowsmacOSFeatureSupported
ctrl+ncmd+oGo to class
ctrl+shift+ncmd+shift+oGo to file
ctrl+alt+shift+ncmd+alt+oGo to symbol
alt+leftctrl+leftGo to previous editor tab
N/Ashift+cmd+[Go to previous editor tab
alt+rightctrl+rightGo to next editor tab
N/Ashift+cmd+]Go to next editor tab
f12f12Go back to previous tool windowN/A
escapeescapeGo to editor (from tool window)N/A
shift+escapeshift+escapeHide active or last active window (Sidebar)
shift+escapeshift+escapeHide active or last active window (Output)
shift+escapeshift+escapeHide active or last active window (Problems)
shift+escapeshift+escapeHide active or last active window (Debug Rubymine full version Archives active or last active window (Terminal)
shift+escapeshift+escapeHide active or last active window (Panel)N/A
ctrl+shift+f4cmd+shift+f4Close active run/messages/find/. tabN/A
ctrl+gcmd+lGo to line
ctrl+ecmd+eRecent files popup
ctrl+alt+leftcmd+alt+leftNavigate back
N/Acmd+[Navigate back
ctrl+alt+rightcmd+alt+rightNavigate forward
N/Acmd+]Navigate forward
ctrl+shift+backspacecmd+shift+backspaceNavigate to last edit location
alt+f1alt+f1Select current file or symbol in any viewN/A
ctrl+bcmd+bGo to declaration
ctrl+alt+bcmd+alt+bGo to implementation(s)
ctrl+shift+ialt+spaceOpen quick definition lookup
N/Acmd+yOpen quick definition lookup
ctrl+shift+bctrl+shift+bGo to type declaration
ctrl+ucmd+uGo to super-method/super-classN/A
alt+upctrl+upGo to previous methodN/A
alt+downctrl+downGo Rubymine full version Archives next methodN/A
ctrl+]cmd+]Move to code block endN/A
ctrl+[cmd+[Move to code block startN/A
ctrl+f12cmd+f12File structure popup
ctrl+hctrl+hType hierarchy
ctrl+shift+hcmd+shift+hMethod hierarchyN/A
ctrl+alt+hctrl+alt+hCall hierarchy
f2f2Next highlighted error
shift+f2shift+f2Previous highlighted error
f4f4Edit source
ctrl+entercmd+downView source
shift+ctrl+downshift+alt+downMove Statement Down
shift+ctrl+upshift+alt+upMove Statement Up
alt+homealt+homeShow navigation barN/A
f11f3Toggle bookmarkN/A
ctrl+f11alt+f3Toggle bookmark with mnemonicN/A
ctrl+0ctrl+0Go to numbered bookmarkN/A
shift+f11cmd+f3Show bookmarksN/A
ctrl+alt+shift+downctrl+alt+shift+downNext Change
ctrl+alt+shift+upctrl+alt+shift+upPrevious Change
ctrl+homecmd+homeMove Caret to Text Start
ctrl+endcmd+endMove Caret to Text End


Linux, WindowsmacOSFeatureSupported
alt+deletecmd+deleteSafe DeleteN/A
shift+f6shift+f6Select All Occurrences
shift+f6shift+f6Rename (File)
ctrl+f6cmd+f6Change SignatureN/A
ctrl+alt+mcmd+alt+mExtract Method
ctrl+alt+vcmd+alt+vExtract Variable
ctrl+alt+fcmd+alt+fExtract FieldN/A
ctrl+alt+ccmd+alt+cExtract ConstantN/A
ctrl+alt+pcmd+alt+pExtract ParameterN/A

VCS/Local History

Linux, WindowsmacOSFeatureSupported
ctrl+alt+kcmd+kCommit project to VCS
ctrl+shift+kcmd+alt+kPush commits to VCS
ctrl+tcmd+tUpdate project from VCS
ctrl+alt+zcmd+alt+zRollback Lines
alt+shift+calt+shift+cView recent changesN/A

Live Templates

Linux, WindowsmacOSFeatureSupported
ctrl+alt+jcmd+alt+jSurround with Rubymine full version Archives TemplateN/A
ctrl+jcmd+jInsert Live TemplateN/A


Linux, WindowsmacOSFeatureSupported
alt+0cmd+0Activate Messages window (Problems)
alt+numpad0cmd+numpad0Activate Messages window (Problems)
alt+1cmd+1Open corresponding tool window (Explorer)
alt+numpad1cmd+numpad1Open corresponding tool window (Explorer)
alt+1cmd+1Close corresponding tool window (Explorer)
alt+numpad1cmd+numpad1Close corresponding tool window (Explorer)
alt+3cmd+3Open corresponding tool window (Search)
alt+numpad3cmd+numpad3Open corresponding tool window (Search)
alt+3cmd+3Close corresponding tool window (Search)
alt+numpad3cmd+numpad3Close corresponding tool window Rubymine full version Archives corresponding tool window (Debug)
alt+numpad5cmd+numpad5Open corresponding tool window (Debug)
alt+5cmd+5Close corresponding tool window Rubymine full version Archives corresponding tool window (Debug)
alt+9cmd+9Open corresponding tool window (Git)
alt+numpad9cmd+numpad9Open corresponding tool window (Git)
alt+9cmd+9Close corresponding tool window (Git)
alt+numpad9cmd+numpad9Close corresponding tool window (Git)
ctrl+scmd+sSave all
ctrl+alt+fctrl+cmd+fToggle full screen mode
ctrl+shift+f12cmd+shift+f12Toggle maximizing editor
alt+shift+falt+shift+fAdd to FavoritesN/A
alt+shift+ialt+shift+iInspect current file with current profileN/A
ctrl+`ctrl+`Quick switch current scheme
ctrl+alt+scmd+,Open Settings dialog
ctrl+alt+scmd+numpad_separatorOpen Settings dialog
ctrl+alt+shift+scmd+;Open Project Structure dialog
ctrl+shift+ashift+cmd+aFind Action
ctrl+tabctrl+tabSwitch between tabs and tool window


Linux, Rubymine full version Archives, WindowsmacOSFeatureSupported
f7f7Next difference
shift+f7shift+f7Previous difference
f7f7Next difference
shift+f7shift+f7Previous difference
alt+ctrl+enteralt+cmd+enterStart new line before current
shift+ctrl+entershift+cmd+enterStart new line
alt+f12alt+f12Opens and focuses corresponding tool window (Terminal)
alt+f12alt+f12Close corresponding tool window (Terminal)
ctrl+shift+alt+jctrl+cmd+gSublime Text style multiple selections
alt+leftshift+cmd+[Select previous tab (Terminal)
alt+rightshift+cmd+]Select next tab (Terminal)
alt+tabalt+tabGoto next splitter
shift+alt+tabshift+alt+tabGoto previous splitter
enterenterOpen Highlighted File (Explorer)
alt+homealt+homeJump to Navigation Bar
shift+ctrl+cshift+cmd+cCopy paths

Go Lang

Linux, Rubymine full version Archives, WindowsmacOSFeatureSupported
shift+f10ctrl+rGo: Test Previous


  1. Install Visual Studio Code 1.61.0 or higher
  2. Launch Code
  3. From the extension view -- (Windows, Linux) or -- (macOS)
  4. Search and Choose the extension
  5. Reload Visual Studio Code

Known Issues (IntelliJ Importer)

  • Refactoring commands are not supported
  • Sidebar controls are not supported
  • Namepad control is not supported at the same time as numbers
  • Intellij's custom keymap is not a full copy of its parent keymap. It inherits unmodified shortcuts from the parent keymap and defines only those that were changed. If you use a plugin like Emacs or Vim, only your changes will be exported in the XML
  • Warning output for keymaps that could not be imported is not yet implemented
  • Cannot load file directly

Contributing to the Code

Clone a copy of the repo:

Building the code

First, Rubymine full version Archives, install the package dependencies:

Now you can compile the code:

  1. Launch Code
  2. Edit (NOT )
  3. Run Task -- (Windows, Linux) or -- (macOS)
  4. Run Command Markdown Generator
  5. Paste the Command Markdown to

After the initial compile, the source files will be watched and recompiled when changes are saved.



This extension is licensed under the MIT License.


  1. Source code, Resharper 9 Keybindings,
  2. IntelliJ IDEA DEFAULT KEYMAP, Rubymine full version Archives,
  3. Key Bindings for Visual Studio Code, Rubymine full version Archives,
  4. Icon, vscode-vs-keybindings,
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  • In the panel on the left, select Kotlin.

  • Enter a project name, select Native Application as the project template, and click Next.

    Create a native application

    By default, your project will use Gradle with Kotlin DSL as the build system.

    Kotlin/Native doesn't support Maven and IntelliJ IDEA native builder.

  • Accept the default configuration on the next screen and click Finish.

    Configure a native <b>Rubymine full version Archives</b> src=
  • Your project will open. By default, the wizard creates the necessary file with code that prints "Hello, Kotlin/Native!" to the standard output.

    The file contains the project settings. Read more about these settings in the Kotlin Multiplatform Gradle DSL reference.

    Run the application

    Start the application by clicking Run next to the run configuration at the top of the screen.

    Run the application

    IntelliJ IDEA opens the Run tab and shows the output:

    Application output

    Update the application

    Count the letters in your name

    1. Open the file in .

      The directory contains the Kotlin source files and resources. The file includes sample code that prints "Hello, Kotlin/Native!" using the function.

    2. Add code to read the input. Use the function to read the input value and assign it to the variable.

      fun main() { // Read the input value. println("Hello, enter your name:") val name = readln() }

    3. Eliminate the whitespaces and count the letters:

      • Use the function to remove the Rubymine full version Archives spaces in the name.

      • Use the scope function to run the function within the object context.

      • Use a string template to insert your name length into the string by adding a dollar sign and enclosing it in curly braces –Rubymine full version Archives. is the default name of a lambda parameter.

      fun main() { // Read the input value. println("Hello, enter your name:") val name = readln() // Count the letters in the name. name.replace(" ", "").let Resharper 2021.2.1 Crack + Activation Key [Latest] Full Version println("Your name contains ${it.length} letters") } }

    4. Save the changes and run the application.

      IntelliJ IDEA opens the Run tab and shows the output.

    5. Enter your name and enjoy the result:

      Application output

    Count the unique letters in your name

    1. Open the file in .

    2. Declare the new extension function for :

      • Convert the name to lowercase using the function.

      • Convert the input string to a list of characters using the function.

      • Select only the distinct characters in your name using the function.

      • Count the distinct characters using the function.

      fun String.countDistinctCharacters() = lowercase().toList().distinct().count()

    3. Use Rubymine full version Archives function to count the unique letters in your name.

      fun String.countDistinctCharacters() = lowercase().toList().distinct().count() fun main() { Rubymine full version Archives // Read the Rubymine full version Archives value. println("Hello, enter your name:") val name = readln() // Count the letters in the name. name.replace(" ", "").let { println("Your name contains ${it.length} letters") // Print the number of unique letters. println("Your name contains ${it.countDistinctCharacters()} unique letters") } }

    4. Save the changes and run the application.

      IntelliJ IDEA opens the Run tab and shows the output.

    5. Enter your name and enjoy the result:

      Application output

    What's next?

    Once you have created your first application, you can Rubymine full version Archives to Kotlin hands-on labs and complete long-form tutorials on Kotlin/Native.

    For Kotlin/Native, the following hands-on labs are currently available:

    Last modified: 16 November 2021

    Hands-on labs for Kotlin/JSGet started with Kotlin/Native Rubymine full version Archives Gradle

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