Music Archives

Music Archives

The Music Library and World Music Archives, on the third floor of Olin, are home to Wesleyan's music collections, including scores, sound recordings, reference. Collections overview. The Music Library Archives holds materials that document contributions by individuals from the University of Toronto's Faculty of. Open Music Archive is a collaborative project, initiated by artists Eileen Simpson and Ben White, to source, digitise and distribute out-of-copyright sound.

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Britney Domination: 25. Me Against The Music (Nick Remix) [Studio Version] Music Archives


  1. Hi, Kevin! Thank you for another very useful video :) I was so happy to know that we can record our screen thru PPT, although I already know another way of doing the same thing by using the x-box which I've learned through watching your YT video on how to do that (Thank you for that). I immediately looked into this, recording the screen by using MS-PPT, but it disappointed me to not find that button for recording on my PPT. I don't know why. Would you have any suggestion on how to find that? My laptop is on WIndows 10 OS, using MS-PPT 2010. I'd would appreciate any answer to my question :)

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