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CTV News
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    Timeline of Rob Ford video scandal

    Photograph given to Gawker and the Toronto Starproviding "bonafides" for the video transaction.
    From left to right:Anthony Smith, Rob Ford, Monir Kassim and Muhammad Khattak.

    In May 2013, the American website Gawker and the Toronto Star reported that they had viewed a cellphone video that showed Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine and commenting on political issues. Gawker raised money to buy the video, but were unable to acquire it when the seller broke off contact. On October 31, 2013, Toronto Police announced that they were in possession of the video, "and at least one other".[1][2] The video was retrieved in the course of an investigation of drug gangs, entitled "Project Traveller". Ford's associate Sandro Lisi was charged with extortion for attempting to retrieve the video, in exchange for marijuana.

    An image was provided to Gawker and Toronto Star reporters depicting Ford posing with three individuals outside the house where the alleged video was recorded. The individuals standing with Ford were later identified as Anthony Smith, Muhammad Khattak and Monir Kassim, three alleged members of a local gang. The location was later identified as a house on Windsor Road in the Etobicoke area of Toronto. Khattak and Kassim were both arrested in a sweep of an apartment complex near the home in June 2013. Smith was killed in a shooting on the streets of downtown Toronto in March 2013. The home was identified as the residence of a friend of Ford's from his high school days.[3] The home was attacked in a home invasion days after Gawker and the Toronto Star published the video story.[3]

    Ford consistently denied the existence of the video, and denied that he used crack cocaine. He remained mayor although several members of Toronto City Council, as well as the editorial boards of the National Post and Toronto Sun and Toronto Star, called for him to step down.[4][5][6] The crisis led to the firing of the Mayor's chief of staff and the resignation of a half-dozen of his staff. After the police announcement, Ford announced that he would not resign from office.

    On November 5, 2013, Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine "probably in one of my drunken stupors"[7] and to hiding his drug abuse from his family, his staff and the people of Toronto, but pledged to continue on as Mayor.[8] On April 30, 2014, a second video showing Ford smoking crack emerged.[9] Ford took a leave of absence to enter drug rehabilitation from May 1 through June 30, 2014.[10][11][12][13][14] The original video of Ford smoking crack was released by the Toronto Police Service on August 11, 2016 after Ford's death, and the extortion charge against Sandro Lisi was dropped.[15]


    February to March[edit]

    • February 17 Mayor Ford is surreptitiously recorded by Mohamed Siad smoking crack cocaine from a glass pipe. Siad also records a video of himself describing the recording of the first, and how to secretly record a video or "even catch a Mayor smoking crack".[16]
    • March 27 A police wiretap of a conversation between Mohamed Siad and Siyadin Abdi reveals their efforts to sell the crack video to Ford, rejecting an alleged offer of $5,000 and a new car by Ford. Siad is seeking $150,000.[17]
    • March 28 Anthony Smith and Muhammad Khattak, alleged members of the Dixon City Bloods gang, and who appear in the Gawker-released photograph with Mayor Ford, are shot outside the Loki Lounge in Toronto. Smith dies of his injuries. Wiretap surveillance by the police lead police to believe the motive for the shooting was related to a robbery of other gang members by Smith and others in November 2012.[17]


    • May 3Toronto Star reporters Robyn Doolittle and Kevin Donovan meet with Mohamed "Soya" Siad, 27, an alleged member of the Dixon Bloods, in the back seat of a car in the parking lot of 320 Dixon Road. Siad allows the reporters to view the Ford video on a cellphone three times and says he might sell it for a "six-figure price" so that he can move to Alberta.[18]
    • May 16 Gawker reports a cellphone video that appears to show Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine and commenting on political issues. The video was believed to have been recorded late in 2012. Toronto Star reporters Kevin Donovan and Robyn Doolittle say they watched the video on May 3. The Star also publishes a picture of Ford with three men, two of whom were shot in March 2013. One of them, Anthony Smith, died.[19]
    • May 17 As Ford leaves his house in the morning to drive to City Hall, he speaks to a press scrum assembled: "Absolutely not true. It's ridiculous. It's another Toronto Star whatever."[20] Gawker sets up a fund called "Crackstarter" to raise $200,000 to purchase the video.[21]
    • David Price, a long-time friend of Ford, informs Ford's Chief of Staff Mark Towhey of the location of the video at an apartment complex on Dixon Road in Etobicoke. Towhey advises Price to speak to the Toronto Police.[22] Towhey contacts the police, who take a statement from Price.[23]
    Councillor Doug Ford, 2011.
    • May 19 Ford and his brother Doug cancel their weekly Newstalk 1010 talk show.[24]
    • May 20Jay Leno comments on the scandal on The Tonight Show.[25]
    • May 21Jon Stewart and Jimmy Kimmel comment on the scandal on their shows.[25] A man is shot, requiring hospitalization, at a 17th floor apartment in the Dixon Road apartment complex.[26]
    • May 22 Ford is fired as football coach for Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School. He is also not allowed to coach at any other Catholic high school of the Toronto Catholic District School Board.[27] Doug Ford addresses a press conference at City Hall, to defend his brother, his record at City Hall. He also criticized the Toronto Star: "Never, never has a Canadian politician or his family, has been targeted by the media this way. They zealously, and I say zealously, stalk my mother, my children. The media hides in the bushes at our cottage. They did this weekend, that my kids couldn’t even enjoy the weekend ’cause they were in the bushes taking videos of them, and harasses our family at home" and for reporting the alleged drug dealers as of Somali descent: "I also want to say that the story wrongfully generalizes and tarnishes the reputation of Toronto’s Somalian community."[28]
    • May 23 Ford fires his chief of staff, Mark Towhey. Towhey is escorted out of City Hall by security. Ford elevates deputy chief of staff Earl Provost.[29] Several reports state that Towhey was fired for telling Ford to get help at a rehab centre.[30] Gawker reports that they have raised more than $165,000 toward paying for the cellphone video, but were no longer in contact with the seller.[31]
    • May 24 After City Council's executive committee publicly asks Ford to respond to the allegations, Ford ends several days of silence and reads a prepared statement to the press at City Hall: "I do not use crack cocaine, nor am I an addict of crack cocaine." "As for a video, I cannot comment on a video that I have never seen or does not exist. It is most unfortunate, very unfortunate, that my colleagues and the great people of this city have been exposed to the fact that I have been judged by the media without evidence."[32] According to his former press secretary Adrienne Batra, the statement was written by Ford's family, rejecting a prepared statement written by his staff.[33]
    • May 26 The Fords return to their Newstalk 1010 radio talk show. To a caller who asked if it was Ford in the video, Ford states "Number one, there’s no video, so that’s all I can say. You can’t comment on something that doesn’t exist."[35] The Fords criticize the media and Rob calls reporters "a bunch of maggots."[36] Ford also characterizes a caller as "racist" for asking if it was Ford in the picture. According to Ford: "That’s very sad, that she’s a racist," while Doug added, "Rob has taken thousands of pictures with young black men, with their hats on, with their little funny signs and everything else."[35]
    • May 27 Ford's press secretary and deputy press secretary resign and leave City Hall before Ford arrives. Ford apologizes for calling reporters maggots.[36] Gawker reaches their fund-raising goal.[37] Ford hires his brother's executive assistant as his new communications director and hires an interim press secretary.[38] A poll of 1,400 Torontonians is released by the Toronto Star. It shows support for Ford at 36% in a projected 2014 mayoral election against Olivia Chow, a result identical to a poll held before the stories about the alleged video were published.[39]
    • May 28 The Toronto Sun reports that it also was offered the alleged video. An editor in the newsroom received a call from someone who had a video, asking if the newspaper paid for videos. The editor declines to pursue the video.[40] It is Ford's 44th birthday and press crowd Ford at City Hall for comment about Price's statement to police. Ford tells reporters: "Ask my staff."[41]
    • May 30 Two more of Ford's staff resign, Brian Johnston, a policy advisor and council relations specialist, and Kia Nejatian, an executive assistant.[42] A National Post reporter visits the apartment in the Dixon Road complex where the alleged video is stored and speaks to the resident. The resident describes how his apartment was previously rented by a drug dealer. The resident also claims to have seen the video and believes it to be authentic. According to the resident, gang members in the neighbourhood were angry at the video's sellers. The resident goes further to state that he and his friends considered making a fraudulent crack video starring an acquaintance and a Rob Ford look-alike nicknamed "Slurpy," but decided to not get involved in the controversy.[43]
    • May 31 Another of Ford's staff resigns, special assistant Michael Prempeh, the sixth departure from his staff.[44] The accused who was arrested in Fort McMurray for the Smith shooting makes his first appearance in court and is ordered held in custody until another appearance on June 21.[45] "Slurpy" becomes a trending term across Canada on Twitter.[46]


    • June 1 Several hundred people protest at Nathan Phillips Square demanding Ford's resignation.[47] The event was organized on Facebook and was expected to draw over 2,000 to the Square.[48]
    • June 3 A poll by CTV News and Ipsos Reid shows that slightly more than half of Torontonians believe that the video exists and they disagreed with the Ford brothers. Support for Ford is highest in the suburbs of Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough.[49]
    • June 4 Gawker reports that the person alleged to have had the cellphone video says it no longer exists and he will not sell it. An intermediary tells them that a copy might exist but has been taken out of Toronto for safe-keeping.[37]
    • June 5 The Toronto Star reports the house location where the photograph of the mayor with the young men was taken. The house was reported to have had a home invasion on May 21, 2013, injuring two persons. One resident of the home was an acquaintance of Ford from high school.[50] The home is located several hundred metres from the Dixon Road apartment complex. Residents have complained previously of a steady stream of traffic between the complex and the home, prompting a fence to be erected to block traffic.[50] Two residents have criminal records, one for minor thefts, one for trafficking cocaine. Maclean's identified the victims of the home invasion as Fabio Basso, Ford's long-time friend, and Basso's girlfriend.[3] Resident Elena Basso tells Star reporters at her house that "Rob Ford’s the greatest mayor ever. You guys are scavengers."[3]
    • June 10 A court in Fort McMurray grants access to search warrant details related to the arrest of Hanad Mohamed to the lawyer for The Star and other media outlets. The details can then be used to make access to information requests to the RCMP. Mohamed's lawyer objects to the request to prevent the media from going on a "fishing expedition." "It seems to me, your honour, that the media is looking for some sort of information that would link my client to Rob Ford, or Rob Ford to my case, and then they’re just going to use that for entertainment purposes."[51]
    • June 11 The two campaign managers credited with Ford's election, Richard Ciano, president of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, and Nick Kouvalis, who are partners in Campaign Research, say they will not work on Ford's re-election unless he deals with his "health and well-being." They said they had asked Ford to address his health issues as early as February.[52] Ford fires Councillor Jaye Robinson from the City Council's executive committee after she suggests he take a leave of absence to deal with his personal problems.[52]
    • June 12 Doug Ford says he will not run for Council in 2014, but will work on his brother's mayoral campaign.[53]
    • June 13 As part of the "Project Traveller" pre-dawn raid (directed against two rival gangs engaged in drugs and firearms sales), police enter the home of Muhammad Khattak, one of the men photographed with Ford outside the suspected crackhouse, and remove a laptop and cellphones. The Toronto Star reports that sources have told them surveillance by police detectives has found information about the cellphone video.[54] Monir Kassim, who also appeared in the photograph, is arrested too.[55] Police also arrest Mohamed Siad, who had originally shown the Ford video to the two Toronto Star reporters.[18] At a press conference about the raids, Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair refused to link the investigation and raids to Ford.[56]
    • CTV News reported that the Toronto Police was investigating the existence of the alleged video prior to the first published reports. According to CTV, persons under investigation discussed the video and the events of the video in wiretap-recorded conversations done in the course of the investigation.[57] Ford was asked by reporters if he’s worried that the alleged video is now part of evidence that will come out in court: "I can’t comment on something that I’ve never seen or doesn’t exist, I don’t know how many more times I’ve got to say this. I’ve answered so many questions, I don’t know if you guys can’t get it through your thick skulls. Seriously?"[58]
    • June 14 Hacker collective Anonymous announced via Twitter that it believes a copy of the alleged video exists in Alberta.[59] The Toronto Star identifies the third man with Ford in the picture taken outside the Etobicoke bungalow as Monir Kassim. Kassim was arrested in the June 13 raids for "trafficking in weapons and drugs (cocaine and marijuana) for the benefit of a criminal organization," and other charges.[55] A letter from Ford is presented by the defence in the sentencing of Sandro Lisi after Lisi's conviction for threatening to kill a woman.[60]
    • June 17 Gawker announces that it is looking for charities to give the "Crackstarter" funds to. It asks "Canadians of Canada" to suggest charities for the $184,689.81 it has collected.[61]
    • June 26 Christopher Fickel, a special assistant in Ford's office, resigns.[62]Ontario Attorney GeneralJohn Gerretsen declines to name what laws are preventing Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair from indicating if Ford is or is not under investigation, when questioned by the press.[63] The National Post identifies "Slurpy," the man who was asked to appear in a fake crack video as Rob Ford. They report that he does not look like Ford and that he said he rejected appearing in the bogus video.[64]
    • June 27 Nisar Hashimi pleads guilty to a manslaughter charge in the death of Anthony Smith and aggravated assault in the shooting of Mohammad Khattak, the other man in the photo with Ford. Hashimi's plea avoids a trial.[65][66]


    • July 2 The CBC, The Globe and Mail,Toronto Sun and other news organizations request a Toronto court to unseal police search warrants in the raids on the gangs. According to the news organizations' lawyer, the documents should be public knowledge unless there is a good reason to withhold them. The action is to determine if Rob Ford is somehow connected to the criminal organizations. The Crown asks for a six-month delay in releasing the warrants.[67]
    • The Toronto Star separately filed a request to see the information on a search warrant for the Windsor Road house and the apartment in the Dixon Road complex where the alleged video was allegedly stored.[68] The court ruled that documents relating to the search warrants will stay sealed until August 27. At that time, lawyers for the media companies will be allowed to review the documents except for sections that the Crown will keep secret. The documents will become public on September 12 after arguments over the secret sections.[69]
    • July 9 Muhammad Khattak is released on bail. He was charged in the Project Traveller raids for allegedly dealing drugs and had been held without bail. The reasons for releasing Khattak are protected under a publication ban, but his lawyer stated that Khattak is only 19, does not have a criminal record and has strict stay-at-home conditions. His case, on charges his lawyer characterized as "minor," could take up to 18 months to come to trial.[70]
    • July 18 Gawker announces that it will divide the money it raised to buy the Ford video evenly between four charities: the Somali Canadian Association of Etobicoke, the South Riverdale Community Health Centre, Unison Health and Community Services and the Ontario Regional Addictions Partnership Committee. The gross amount raised was $201,199, which netted $184,782.61 after fees paid to Indiegogo and PayPal.[71]
    • July 19 The search warrant of Hanad Mohamed's arrest is unsealed by the Ontario Superior Court, revealing that police seized four smartphones and a micro SD card connecting Mohamed to Nisar Hashimi. The contents of these devices will not be revealed until trial.[72]
    • July 26 Crown prosecutors drop first degree murder charges against Hanad Mohamed. He is now charged with accessory after the fact to manslaughter, accessory to discharging a firearm and accessory to aggravated assault on Muhammad Khattak.[73]
    • July 30 Monir Kassim is granted bail and released from detention.[74]

    August to September[edit]

    • August 2 The Toronto Star reports that Mohamed Siad, one of the men who showed the alleged video to reporters, was one of the people arrested in the Project Traveller raids.[18] The Toronto Sun reports that Siad had been stabbed while in custody by alleged gang members who blamed him for causing the Project Traveller raids. It also reports that Siad had offered to turn the video over to police in return for dropping charges against him.[75]
    • August 7 Mohamed Siad, Monir Kassim and Muhammad Khattak appear in court to set trial dates. Siad remains in jail while Kassim and Khattak are out on bail until trial.[76]
    • August 8 City Hall confirms that "special assistant" Carley McNeil no longer works in Ford's office as an events co-ordinator. The Toronto Star reports that three sources say she was fired. She is the eighth staff member to have left since the video scandal became public.[77]
    • August 12The Globe and Mail reports that Ford attempted to visit an inmate in the Toronto West Detention Centre, Bruno Bellissimo, in March, after visiting hours. The newspaper calls Bellissimo a "new character" in the video scandal, who has been involved in drugs and attended secondary school with one of the residents of the Rexdale bungalow where Ford was photographed.[78]
    • August 15 Toronto Sun columnist Warren Kinsella claims that the crack video was obtained by police via the Project Traveller raids and has been viewed by "many, many Toronto defence lawyers."[79]
    • August 17 Toronto Police interview five former staffers in Rob Ford's office about Alessandro "Sandro" Lisi, a private driver for the mayor, allegedly being investigated in an attempt to acquire the video.[80] Both Lisi and Bruno Bellissimo were present at the Toronto Garrison Officer's Ball on February 22, an event where Ford was previously accused of being intoxicated.[81]
    • August 20 The Ontario Press Council announces it will hold public hearings in September to investigate 41 complaints about the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail's reporting during the scandal.[82]
    • August 27 A 'domestic assault' call at the Ford residence disrupts a police sting involving Lisi. Lisi contacts Ford and does not drive to the sting. Lisi instead goes home, then to the Grand Hotel on Jarvis Street, where Ford has checked in. Ford is observed the next day in the alley behind the Grand Hotel, in his SUV, making an exchange with a man on foot. The alleyway area is known as "crack central" by locals. Ford stays in the hotel for three days.[83]
    • September 9 The Ontario Press Council holds hearings on Globe and Star stories, with editors Michael Cooke and John Stackhouse testifying. The Ford brothers do not attend.[84]


    • October 1 Sandro Lisi and another man are arrested by police in Etobicoke. Lisi is charged with possession of and trafficking in marijuana, possession of the proceeds of crime and conspiracy.[85] The arrest is part of the larger Project Traveller probe.[86] Charges would later be dismissed May 8, 2015.[87]
    • October 2 Doug Ford talks to the Toronto Sun about the Lisi arrests: "I support the police investigation. I don’t know this guy. Never seen him, never met him — ever."[88]
    • October 7 A leaked police document links Lisi to an attempt to exchange marijuana for "the return of a cellular phone stolen from an associate" in March 2013.[89]
    • October 16The Globe and Mail and Toronto Star are fully exonerated by the Ontario Press Council. Doug Ford accuses the agency of being "a bunch of cronies."[90]
    • October 23 The Toronto Star reports that the Rexdale bungalow where Ford was photographed was under surveillance by police, and Mohamed Siad, who tried to sell the video to the Star, was observed on several occasions visiting the residence. Police surveillance records also correspond to the date and time of a meeting between Gawker editor John Cook and Siad.[91]
    • October 30 The Ontario Superior Court orders that a 480-page police document that was used to obtain search warrants for Lisi be made public.[92] Peter Jacobsen, the lawyer who is representing The Globe and Mail and other news organizations, notes that the information is "exceptionally long" given the nature of Lisi's charges.
    Chief Blair spoke regarding released documents. He is seen here in June 2012.
    • October 31 Heavily redacted court documents released show that Toronto Police investigated the alleged crack video of Ford and the attempted recovery of the video by Lisi. Surveillance photographs show Ford meeting Lisi in various locations. Ford and Lisi were trailed and monitored by police from March until October 2013, including the use of a Cessna plane after Lisi started using "counter-surveillance" methods to lose police. In the course of the investigation, former mayoral staffer Chris Fickel was interviewed by Toronto Police and suggested that Lisi was the source of marijuana and cocaine for Ford.[93]
    • Police reveal existence of video
      • In a press conference held after the release of the documents, Toronto Police Chief Blair reveals that the police recovered a copy of the video from the hard drive of a computer seized during the Project Traveller raids. According to Blair, the video's contents are as described in the media reports. Lisi is charged with extortion related to the video and is to appear in Toronto Court later in the day (Lisi's hearing is held the next day). Blair states that the video will come out in court, and that the contents are "disappointing".[94] Lisi tell investigators that Blair "is going to get his."[88]
      • At his City Hall office, Ford briefly addressed the media "Everyone has seen the allegations. I wish I could come out and defend myself but I can't. It's before the courts. That's all I can say right now. No reason to resign. I am going to go back and return my phone calls and be out doing what the people elected me to do and that's save taxpayers money and run the great government that we've been running the last three years."[95]
      • Toronto newspapers Toronto Sun, The Globe and Mail, National Post and the Toronto Star all call on Ford to resign. A same-day public opinion poll conducted by phone of Torontonians showed that, while 44% approved of the mayoral job Ford was doing, 60% wanted him to resign.[96] The news that the video has been found by the police is reported internationally.[97]


    • November 1 Dennis Morris, Ford's lawyer, appears on various media outlets denying that Ford is smoking crack cocaine in the video.[98] Doug Ford urges the public release of the video: "Let’s see the video, the Chief said there’s a video and I believe the Chief. Rob hasn’t been charged with anything, he hasn’t broken a law, and he’s been convicted, he’s been convicted by the media."[99] Sandro Lisi is released on $5,000 bail.[100] The Toronto Region Board of Trade calls for Ford to take a leave of absence.[101]
    • November 2 Ford refuses to speak to reporters and calls police when media follow him.[102] Ford meets with deputy mayor Norm Kelly who passes on recommendations from Councillors and staff for Ford to take leave of absence. After the meeting, Kelly tells the Toronto Sun that Ford will address the scandal on his weekly radio show.[103]
    • November 3 On his weekly radio show, Ford apologizes for "making mistakes", but plans to continue as mayor and run for re-election in 2014. "There's no one to blame but myself, and I take full responsibility for it. I'm the first one to admit, friends, I am not perfect. I have made mistakes. I have made mistakes, and all I can do right now is apologize for the mistakes." Ford also publicly asks Police Chief Blair to release the video to the public. "I believe that this video — I want the police chief, Bill Blair, to release this video, for every single person in the city to see,"[104] Referring to the content of the video, Ford responded "When the video is released, I am going to explain to the best of my mind what is in that video or videos".[105]
    • November 4 Rob Ford is "uninvited" from the November 6 "Police Chief's Ball", an event hosted by Chief Blair to raise funds for Victim Services Toronto.[106]
    • Ford appears on 640 CFMJ's morning show with John Oakley. Ford denies using drugs. "I can assure you, I can assure you, Johnny, that I do not use drugs. I drink, don’t get me wrong. I’m the first one to enjoy a few cocktails. Some of the parties I’ve had, you know, I shouldn’t have went to the Danforth, you know, inebriated. I shouldn’t have had a pretty, I would say, a wild St. Patrick’s Day party in my office. I shouldn’t have done that. That’s the past. The past is the past."[107]
    • November 5 Doug Ford calls on Police Chief Blair to resign, calling him biased against Rob Ford.[106] Ford asks Police Services Review Board Chair Alok Mukherjee for a meeting, but is turned down, stating that a meeting with Doug Ford would be viewed as interfering with a police investigation.[108]
    A Global News poll is released, its results nearly the same as the previous week, with 59% wanting Ford to step down, while 43% approved of the job Ford is doing.[109]
    • Ford admits to smoking crack cocaine
      • At midday, Mayor Rob Ford admits to have smoked crack cocaine, saying "Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine but … am I an addict? No. Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately about a year ago".[110] Responding to why the admission took so long, Ford says "I wasn’t lying. You didn’t ask the correct questions".[7] At the end of the day, Ford held a scheduled announcement, reiterating an apology to the City of Toronto. He said "I kept this from my family, especially my brother Doug, my staff, my council colleagues because I was embarrassed and ashamed." and added "To the residents of Toronto, I know I have let you down and I can't do anything else but apologize and apologize and I'm so sorry. I know I have to regain your trust and your confidence." He concluded the announcement by stating he will stay in office and will run for re-election.[8][111]
      • Vice magazine publishes an article claiming that Amin Massoudi, Ford's communications director, had hired a hacker to delete a copy of the crack video on a file-sharing site. Massoudi denies the claim in emails to Macleans and to Vice.[112]
      • The news puts Rob Ford and Toronto in the international media[113] and that evening Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson and Jay Leno all mentioned him on their late night shows.[114]
    • November 6 Brooks Barnett, Ford's policy advisor resigns.[115] Former wrestler The Iron Sheik appears at City Hall to arm-wrestle Ford as a form of intervention.[116]
    • November 7 Another video appears in the media depicting Ford in a tirade in which he shouts "I need fuckin' ten minutes to make sure he's dead!" amongst other threats. The context of the threats and the video are unknown.[117] The video had been shopped around to various media outlets before being purchased by the Toronto Star for $5,000. Ford states that he was "extremely inebriated" in the video: "All I can say is again I’ve made mistakes. It’s extremely embarrassing. The whole world’s going to see it. You know what? I don’t have a problem with it. But it is extremely embarrassing, but I don’t know what to say but again I am apologizing. Again, when you’re in that state ... I hope none of you have ever or will ever be in that state."[118]
    • November 8 The Fords' weekly radio show is cancelled permanently, by mutual agreement of CFRB and the Fords.[122] Lawyers apply in court for the release of crack video, and further pages of the search warrant requests in the Lisi case.[123]
    • In interviews with CBC's The Fifth Estate and CityNews Toronto's Avery Haines, Mohamed Farah claims he was the person who tried to broker the deal to sell the crack video and says there was more than one video. He says that he was offered cash and threatened by organized crime figures to turn over the video to them. Farah was charged with possession of the proceeds of crime and firearms offences in Project Traveller.[124]
    • A billboard appears along the Gardiner Expressway, in support of Ford; the City announces it will investigate an unauthorized use of its logo.[125] The billboard, which misspelled "responsibility" (spelling it responsiblity) and used the City of Toronto logo without permission, was removed by the afternoon of November 9.[126]
    • November 11 At a ceremony for Remembrance Day, Ford was greeted with "boos" from the audience and scorn from Veterans attending. At least one Veteran blatantly refused to shake his hand.[127] A Ford spokesperson says he will appear in the Toronto Santa Claus Parade, despite his assurances to organizers he will not.[128][129][130][131]
    • November 12 In court, the two videos of Ford in the possession of the police are revealed to be different length videos of the same event. The first video is 90 seconds long; the second is shorter.[132] Judge Nordheimer views the videos and reserves judgment whether to release them to Muhammad Khattak or his lawyer for viewing. Khattak, one of the men shot, had been arrested in Project Traveller raids for drug dealing. Khattak is seeking to make it clear that he was not involved in recording the video or attempting to sell it.
    • Ford appears at a United Way fund-raising event at City Hall, signing 1,000 bobbleheads in his likeness. After bobbleheads run out, Ford autographs t-shirts. Many of the bobbleheads are put up for auction on the Internet.[133]
    • Toronto Santa Claus Parade organizers send a letter to Ford's Chief of Staff, Earl Provost, asking that Ford consider returning to his original decision of not appearing in the parade, suggesting that his presence would be a distraction "from the anticipated fun and enjoyment that children will have on Parade Day." The letter was read the next day on television channel CP24 by Ron Barbaro, co-chair of the event.[134][135]
    Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, in 2012.
    • November 13
    • Council asks Ford to take a leave of absence
      • At a Toronto City Council meeting, Ford admits to having purchased illegal drugs within the past two years. Thirty of the 44 Councillors entered a petition to Council asking Ford to step down.[136] An anti-Ford rally is organized outside City Hall during the meeting. The Council was considering Ford's behaviour and voted 37-5 for Ford to take a leave of absence. Council also voted for Ford to apologize for misleading council; co-operate with the Police; apologize for letter of reference for Lisi and communicate with Council instead of the media.[137][138] Ford states that "he is not a rat" but pushes for mandatory drug testing for all Councillors by December 1, paid for by himself. Chair Frances Nunziata ruled Ford's motion out of order.[139] Council proceedings were shown live in the US on CNN;[140] coverage including a Ford quote mocking his commitment to substance issues ("I said it wouldn't happen again and it has never happened again at the Air Canada Centre"), was published internationally.[141][142]
      • Ford appeared to confront Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong on the council chamber's floor, both times the Speaker stopped the debate. Councillor Maria Augimeri separated the two, and Councillor Ford held the Mayor's arm.[143]
      • Judge Nordheimer orders the release of the rest of the blacked-out items in the documents detailing the surveillance of Ford and Lisi.[144] The new content was based on interviews with Ford staffers, who detailed drunk driving, sexual harassment, staffers buying liquor for the Mayor, the Mayor taking Oxycontin and the Mayor consorting with prostitutes. One of the new staffers, David Price, a friend of Ford, was hired by Ford at $130,000 per year, twice the salary of his immediate predecessor.[145][146] As Doug and Rob Ford leave City Hall, they warn the press to "be careful what you write" about the allegations.[147]
      • An Ipsos Reid poll is released showing that 76% of Torontonians want Ford to step down or resign. Of the 76%, 41% suggest Ford retire from politics altogether, while the remaining 35% agree with the idea that Ford should take a leave of absence before running for re-election in 2014. The remaining 24% agree with Ford staying on as mayor.[148]
    • November 14
      • Ford threatens legal action against his former staffers and a waiter at the restaurant of the 2012 St. Patrick's Day night party, calling their allegations "outright lies, not true."[149] Ford also specifically denied the allegations of sex and a comment about oral sex made to a staff member, and that a woman who attended the St. Patrick's Day night party was a prostitute. "It hurts my wife when they call a friend of mine a prostitute. Alana is not a prostitute. She's a friend. And it makes me sick how people are saying this." He added "The last thing is (former staffer) Olivia Gondek. It said I want to eat her pussy. I've never said that in my life to her. I would never do that. I'm happily married. I've got more than enough to eat at home."[150][151]
      • Ford later admits to "driving after taking a drink". "I might have had some drinks and driven, that's absolutely wrong", he told the National Post's Natalie Alcoba. To other reporters, Ford said "I’m not perfect. Maybe you are but I’m not. I'm sure none of you have ever had a drink and gotten behind the wheel."[152]
      • Ford's remarks are made while wearing a Toronto Argonauts football jersey. The club issues a press release stating that it is "disappointed" that Ford made his remarks while wearing the jersey.[153]
      • Ford makes a noon-time appearance before the press with his wife Renata. He apologizes for the graphic language he used and asks that the media leave his family alone.[154] Ford also states that he is getting assistance from "health-care professionals." Councillor John Parker states that Ford was using his wife "as a convenient prop".[155]
      • An Ipsos Reid poll commissioned by CTV News, CP24 and Newstalk 1010 Radio finds that 62% of Toronto voters would not vote for Ford under any circumstances. In potential municipal election scenarios against Olivia Chow, John Tory, Karen Stintz and David Soknacki, Ford would place no better than third. Ford's job approval rating among Torontonians did not change at 40%, and was higher in the former suburbs of Etobicoke and Scarborough.[156][157]
      • The Sun News Network cable television network announces that Rob Ford and Doug Ford will host a new Ford Nation television show, starting, November 18, 2013.[158]
      • Ford Motor Company tells Bloomberg News reporters that they did not authorize Mayor Ford's use of their logo in Ford Nation t-shirts.[159]
      • Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announces that the Government of Ontario is ready to intervene if City Council is unanimous in requesting it, and if all three provincial parties agree. The intervention would be in the form of new powers to be used by Toronto City Council.[155]
      • Ford's antics were once again publicized on late night shows by Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and Jay Leno.[160]
      • City spokespeople confirm that school trips to City Hall in the next week will be redirected to the City of Toronto Archives, for safety concerns.[161][162][163][164]
    • November 15
      • Toronto City Council votes to strip Mayor Ford of executive committee and emergency powers. Ford states that he will challenge the action in court.[165]
      • Before the council meeting, Ford gives each of his staff a $5,000 raise.[166]
      • Councillor Minnan-Wong said he was considering the concept of "asking the province to consider the mayor's seat vacant and moving up the date of the election for mayor", but noted he doubted there was an appetite.[167]
      • On Ford's admission of drinking and driving, Newfoundland distillery Iceberg Vodka releases a general statement describing the practice as "unacceptable and inexcusable behavior." Ford is listed in police reports as having drank the alcohol in a city park with Alexander "Sandro" Lisi.[168]
    Forumer Toronto City Councillor for (Ward 16) Eglinton-Lawrence

    Karen Stintz

    Current mayor of Toronto

    John Tory

    Former Member of Parliament for Trinity—Spadina

    Olivia Chow

    The four candidates in the election scenarios.

    • Exiting Deco Labels on Saturday evening, Councillor Ford sees what he believes is a Toronto Police surveillance vehicle; this incident is mentioned on Ford Nation, filmed the next day.[170]
    • November 17 Ford records interviews with US television networks CNN and Fox News Channel. To Fox News, Ford states that "one day I do want to run for Prime Minister" and reiterates he has no plans to step down as Mayor. The Fords also record the first episode of their Ford Nation television program.[171]
    Councillor Pam McConnell, 2011.
    • November 18 Toronto City Council votes to strip Mayor Ford of executive and budgetary powers, and assign them to Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly and the City Clerk. Ford and his brother Doug get into a verbal altercation with members of the public in the Council chamber. Ford compares the moves by Council to "invading Kuwait", and promises to fight the whole Council in the next municipal election.[172] During the meeting, Ford knocks down Councillor Pam McConnell, while his brother was arguing with a spectator. Reports suggest McConnell was left with a fat lip from the altercation.[173][174]
    • Judge Nordheimer denies the request by Khattack to view the 'crack' video. Nordheimer describes the two videos in the possession of the police as separate but "what is revealed in the second video relates back to the first video".[175]
    • After the council meeting, Ford does an interview with CBC's Peter Mansbridge, stating he is finished with drinking. "If you don't see a difference in me in five months, then I'll eat my words. I've had a come-to-Jesus moment if you want to call it that. I've let my dad down, I know he's upstairs watching this."[176]
    • The first episode of Ford Nation, featuring Rob and Doug Ford, debuts on Sun News Network.[177] Its first airing is seen by 155,000 viewers, with another 45,000 in a repeat Western Canada broadcast, and 65,000 video downloads. It becomes the all-time top rated program on the network. The Ford brothers state they believe they remain under police surveillance.[170]
    • November 19 A police document released in the extortion charge against Lisi details further information about the video. The document states that Ford is "consuming what appears to be a narcotic" and "the Mayor was apparently in the company of several individuals at the time of the recording" and that the video was made "surreptitiously" in February 2013. The case alleges that Lisi made threatening phone calls to Liban Siyad and Mohamed Siad in May 2013.[178]
    • Sun News Network cancels Ford Nation after one episode. The production took eight times the resources of a normal hour on the network. Sun News invites the Fords to appear on their other shows, given the record ratings for their program.[179]
    • November 20 An analysis of the Ipsos Reid poll shows that support for Ford has dropped to 16% in his home base of Etobicoke, the same as downtown, while he is more popular in the former York and East York (30%) and Scarborough (27%) areas of Toronto. The data also showed that 44% of respondents without a high school diploma support Ford, while only 17% of university graduates do. Those earning less than $40,000 per year are twice as likely to support Ford as those with higher incomes.[183]
    • November 25Hampton, Florida's mayor Barry Layne Moore is arrested by the county sheriff on charges of possession of drugs and selling drugs. According to the Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith, "This isn’t Toronto. We will not tolerate illegal drug activity in my jurisdiction by anyone to include our elected officials."[184]
    • November 27 Justice Ian Nordheimer rules that the remaining content in the documents of the Ford and Lisi investigation are to be released to the public on December 6. The delay in the release is to allow for appeals to higher courts.[185]
    • November 28 Canadian news magazine Maclean's chooses Ford as "Newsmaker of the Year".[186]
    • Doug Ford tells Newstalk 1010 that he and his brother are readying a YouTube show, for launch around Christmas.[187] He also says that he and his brother have been approached by American production companies about appearing in their own reality TV show.[188]


    • December 4 Transcripts of wiretaps related to the Lisi investigation are released. Taped conversations allege that Ford offered $5,000 and a new car in exchange for the video, weeks before the stories about the video are published by Gawker and the Toronto Star. In other conversations, Mohamed Siad discusses selling the video with Siyadin Abdi for $150,000 to the "Star or the other website." In another, Elena Basso calls Siad to say that Ford is at 15 Windsor Road, and Siad should bring drugs. That same evening, a conversation alleges that Ford is using heroin. Both Rob and Doug Ford decline to comment on the new allegations.[189]
    • December 5 Rob Ford takes part in The Sports Junkies, a sports radio show on Washington, D.C. radio station, WJFK-FM. Asked about the latest revelations, Ford describes them as an "outright lie." He refuses to answer any question on the topic, saying they should ask his lawyer.[190]
    • December 6Toronto Sun publishes an interview with Councillor McConnell, who says headaches, shoulder pain, and neck pain persist, even after spending "a lot of time with chiropractors and massage therapists." Ford knocked over McConnell during a November council meeting. She tells The Sun that she has not ruled out legal action.[191]
    • December 9 In an appearance on television with Conrad Black, Ford claims that the police used Lisi as a prop to get him, although Ford declined to explain his meetings with Lisi. Ford also said that he was mad at Police Chief Blair, saying "I definitely think this is political. Am I happy with the chief? No, I'm not right now." Ford stated that he was no longer drinking and offered to take a urine test, although Black pointed out "Rob, there is absolutely no need to do a urine test right now."[192]
    • Ford also insinuated that Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale, whom he confronted behind his home is a pedophile,[193] saying "Daniel Dale is in my backyard taking pictures. I have little kids. He’s taking pictures of little kids, I don’t want to say that word but you start thinking what this guy is all about."[194]
    • December 11 Police Chief Blair states that the investigation of Ford was not politically motivated or connected to a Ford demand for a 10% budget cut in the police budget of 2012. Blair is also asked about "Project Brazen 2", the investigation of Ford, but only comments that he "cannot comment on an ongoing investigation."[195]
    • December 12 Responding to Ford's accusations that he is a pedophile, reporter Daniel Dale serves Mayor Ford a notice of libel, threatening a lawsuit if he does not apologize.[196] Ford, in a press conference, when asked about the insinuation said "I stand by my words, what I said with Conrad Black" adding "If you watch the interview, you’ll know what I said."[197]



    • January 21 The Toronto government releases 5,000 pages of Ford staff e-mails from the dates when Gawker publicized the video. CNN reporter Paula Newton first asked the mayor's office about the video at 11:15 a.m. on May 16, before Gawker published its blog entry that evening. She later spoke with George Christopoulos about the video. The e-mails showed that the whereabouts of Ford were not known that evening and most of the next day.[198]
    • January 23 On the game show Jeopardy!, the Jeopardy board included the following $800 clue under the category Scandal: "In 2013, Rob Ford, mayor of this 4th-largest city in N. America first said he smoked weed, not crack... then, yes, ok, crack, too." A contestant correctly replied "What is Toronto."[205]
    • January 29 In an interview with The Toronto Sun, Ford denies allegations he was involved in the death of Anthony Smith, who was shot to death March 28, 2013.[206][207][208] Another story reemerged in the media, relating to the 2012 jailhouse beating of Scott MacIntyre, a known drug dealer, who was allegedly beaten to keep secrets about Ford's drug use. MacIntyre has filed a lawsuit against Ford.[208][209]


    • February 26 Chief Blair reveals in interviews with Toronto media, that when Lisi was arrested on October 31, Lisi told investigators that Doug Ford would file a conflict-of-interest complaint against the Chief, saying "your boss is going to get his this weekend".[88] The following week, Doug Ford started making complaints about Blair to the media. Doug Ford would go on and file the formal complaint in February 2014. Ford responded that he would add the latest comments by Blair to his complaint. Ford maintained that he did not tell anyone that he would file the complaint, when Lisi was arrested in October 2013.[210]
    • February 27 Rob Ford challenges the police chief to arrest him. Ford tells reporters "if he's going to arrest me, arrest me. I've done nothing wrong, and he's wasted millions of dollars. I want him to come clean and say how much money did it cost the taxpayers for surveillance on me and the planes that he had to rent."[211]


    • March 3 Ford is a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Los Angeles. Kimmel proceeds to ask questions and lampoon Ford on his substance abuse, alleged racism, drunk driving, alleged homophobia and alleged domestic abuse. Ford responded to Kimmel saying "I wasn't elected to be perfect". Ford later complained that the interview was a "set up".[212][213][214]
    • March 5 Oversight of the ongoing Toronto Police investigation into Ford and Lisi, entitled "Brazen 2", is transferred to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). The transfer is done at the request of Police Chief Blair.[215]
    • March 19 Police documents describing the video of Ford smoking crack are unsealed: "At one point Mayor Ford holds the glass cylinder in his mouth, lights the lighter and applies the flame to the tip of the glass cylinder in a circular motion. After several seconds, Mayor Ford appears to inhale the vapour which is produced, then exhale the vapour."[216]
    • Reporters attempt to get comments from Mayor Ford, who runs through the lobby of Toronto City Hall to his office without commenting on the revelations. Jimmy Kimmel later described it as a "one-man stampede."[217]

    April to November[edit]

    • April 30 A second video of Ford smoking crack cocaine, reportedly recorded in the early hours on Saturday, April 26, emerges and is reviewed by reporters from The Globe and Mail. The Globe releases a description and a screenshot from the video. Ford's lawyer announces Ford will be taking a leave of absence from his campaign temporarily to enter rehab.[9]
    • May 1 Ford leaves town, for a rehabilitation program.[12] Initially intending to check into a facility in Chicago, Ford voluntarily turned back at the border and entered the GreeneStone rehabilitation facility in Bala, Ontario.[11][218]
    • June 30 Ford returns to office after a two-month leave of absence in rehab.[13][14]
    • September 12 Ford suddenly withdrew his candidacy for mayor. His brother Doug Ford takes his place.[219]
    • September 17 The media confirmed that Ford was diagnosed with cancer.[220]
    • November 30 Ford's term as mayor ends.[221]


    April to May[edit]

    • April 16 Ontario Court justice orders Lisi to be tried for extortion in Superior Court.
    • May 8 Ontario Court justice dismisses drug charges against Lisi and second person. (Originally charged October 1, 2013.)[87]




    • August 11 The original video of Ford smoking crack was released by the Toronto Police Service after the extortion charge against Sandro Lisi was dropped.[15]

    Ford's mayorship staff[edit]

    Twenty office staff reported to Rob Ford on May 16, 2013. In the months following the report of the video, eleven staff left his office and were replaced. On November 19, eleven of the current staff were transferred to the deputy mayor's office.

    • Mark Towhey, chief of staff – fired May 23[29]
    • George Christopolous, director of communications – quit May 27[36]
    • Isaac Ransom, special assistant – communications – quit May 27[36]
    • Brian Johnston, policy advisor & council relations – quit May 30[42]
    • Kia Nejatian, executive assistant to the mayor – quit May 30[42]
    • Michael Prempeh, special assistant – quit May 31[44]
    • Christopher Fickel, acting executive assistant to the chief of staff – quit June 26[62]
    • Carley McNeil, special assistant – event coordinator – confirmed no longer working August 8[77]
    • Brooks Barnett, policy advisor & council relations – quit November 6[115]
    • Sanjin Petrujkic, senior policy advisor & director of council affairs, promoted to deputy chief of staff & director of council relations – transferred to deputy mayor's office November 19[224]
    • Earl Provost, director of stakeholder & council relations, promoted to chief of staff – transferred to deputy mayor's office November 19[224]
    • Brendan Croskerry, special assistant, promoted to executive assistant to the chief of staff – transferred to deputy mayor's office November 19, quit Early 2014 [224]
    • Rob Krauss, special assistant, promoted to policy advisor & council relations – transferred to deputy mayor's office November 19[224]
    • Victoria Colussi, special assistant – remained with the mayor's office as manager, protocol and events, November 19[224]
    • Xhejsi Hasko, special assistant – remained with the mayor's office November 19[225]
    • Dan Jacobs, special assistant, promoted to executive assistant to the mayor, remained with the mayor's office as chief of staff, November 19[224]
    • Jonathan Kent, special assistant – remained with the mayor's office November 19[224]
    • Christine Maydossian, special assistant – remained with the mayor's office November 19[224]
    • David Price, director of operations and logistics – terminated November 20[226]
    • Thomas Beyer, special assistant – remained with the mayor's office November 19,[224] resigned March 7, 2014 for medical reasons[227]

    See also[edit]


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      • 500 Unique Presets
      • 3 Modes: Notes, Loops & Slices
      • 10 GB raw material
      • Custom FX Presets
      • Custom Macros Per Preset
      • Snapshots for Maschine
      • Macro Editing
      • Main and Engine Pages
      • Automatable Insert and Mod FX


      • Top producers recording real singers (no session musicians) and a choir.
      • 25 Sound Designers tweaking for 6 months for the perfect sounds.
      • Sounds crafted with endless analog and vintage gear, tape machines, vocoders and more.
      • Engine built from the ground up with industry leading modulation, tempo synced FX, pitch shifting and more.
      • An immense focus on musicality.

      The program has power full engine which includes three types of major features: Notes for chromatic playing, Loops for looping vocal elements, and Slices for sliced vocal phrases. Quickly find and customize your sound on the Main page using 4 Macro sliders, or dive deep into modulation, mixing and effects on the Engines page. With over 500 presets, many of which include full banks of loops and slices, there’s literally a world of starting points to help you be creative.


      • Manufacturer :Output Sounds
      • Language :Multi-languages
      • Mac Platform :IntelOS
      • Version :OS X 10.8 or Higher
      • CPU Type:X64 bit
      • Size :229 MB


      • Stand-alone
      • VST
      • Audio Units
      • RTAS (Pro Tools 9 + 10)
      • ASIO
      • CoreAudio
      • WASAPI
      • AAX Native (Pro Tools 10)
      • 64-bit AAX plugins (Pro Tools 11)

      Output Exhale 1.1 (Kontakt v5.5.2) Crack Torrent with Serial Number
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      The Best Kontakt Libraries in 2017 - 131 Free & Premium Downloads

      In 2017, finding the best Kontakt Libraries is no easy feat...

      Kontakt is one of the greatest tools in a producer's arsenal for getting rich, organic sounds.

      But with SO many companies and Kontakt libraries, it’s difficult to figure out which ones are the best.

      We took the time to test and compile some of our favorite Kontakt banks, made by some stellar companies.

      If you’re looking for some of the best Kontakt libraries out there, then you’ve come to the right place!

      We’ve put together a list organized by manufacturer with some of their best libraries:

      cinesamples-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Cinesamples CineStrings CORE

      This Kontakt library was designed by composers, for composers, with direct feedback from the film music community during its development. The result is a string library that is easy to use, composer-friendly, with unparalleled recording quality.

      Cinesamples Strings SOLO

      CineStrings SOLO is a deeply sampled solo strings virtual instrument recorded at the world famous MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles. The patches contain some of the most realistic True Legato ever created for soloistic string writing.

      Cinesamples String RUNS

      A comprehensive collection of tempo-locked runs, scales and rips recorded at the MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles.

      Cinesamples Tina Guo Acoustic Cello Legato

      Tina Guo's distinctly emotive acoustic cello captured as a solo legato patch utilizing a brand new recording and programming technique - introducing Seamless Legato.

      Cinesamples Viola Da Gamba

      The Viola da Gamba is a 6-stringed bowed and fretted instrument that first appeared in Spain in the mid to late 15th century and was most popular in the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

      Cinesamples CineHarps

      CineHarps is a collection of deeply sampled orchestral harps that's easy to use and is loaded with techniques and features that will make this a classic in any composer’s template.

      Cinesamples CineWinds CORE

      CineWinds CORE Library is a next-generation orchestral woodwinds library recorded in the legendary SONY Pictures Scoring Stage in Los Angeles.

      Cinesamples CineWinds PRO

      CineWinds PRO expansion fills out the remainder of the orchestral woodwind section, and also offers an eclectic choice of ethnic, Renaissance, and period wind instruments most often used in film scoring.

      Cinesamples Hollywoodwinds

      Hollywoodwinds is cinesamples’ award-winning orchestral woodwind library developed exclusively for Kontakt. Featuring wonderfully organic recordings, and groundbreaking programming, HWW is quickly becoming the leading woodwind solution for composers around the world.

      Cinesamples Brass CORE

      The CineBrass Core Library is Cinesamples’ orchestral brass sample library for Kontakt, recorded at the world famous SONY Pictures Scoring Stage in Los Angeles, and mixed by veteran legend Dennis Sands.

      Cinesamples CineBrass Descant Horn

      Pro horn players often pull out this instrument for delicate higher passages and it's great for soaring solos. Like CineBrass Core, CineBrass Descant Horn was recorded at the MGM Scoring Stage in Los Angeles.

      Cinesamples CineBrass Twelve Horn Ensemble

      CineBrass Twelve Horn Ensemble is an improved version of the classic Twelve Horn patches from the CineBrass PRO library.

      Cinesamples VOXOS Choir

      Epic Virtual Choirs is Cinesamples’ virtual choir instrument for professionals, containing a full epic choir, boys choir, soloists, an innovative phrase builder and the industry’s most realistic and powerful true legato engine.

      spitfire-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolutions

      Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolutions marries this concept with the majesty of a symphony-sized string section recorded at the legendary Air Studios. As a layering tool it can bring static arrangements to life with elegant, modern and progressive orchestral techniques, plus solve one of the harder aspects of media composition.

      Spitfire Symphonic Strings

      Recorded at the studio that has played host to scores from blockbusters that have grossed billions of dollars, with the same players playing the same instruments.

      Spitfire Symphony Orchestra

      A definitive mega-anthology of tools to create blockbuster symphonic works for TV, film, games and radio in a single and encyclopaedic core-level professional product.

      symphonicstrings-cymatics-kontakt librariessymphonic-brass-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      symphonic-woodwinds-cymatics-kontakt librariesspitfire-masse-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Spitfire Chamber Strings

      Small can be more beautiful. 16 of the finest string players, playing the finest instruments via the finest signal path in The Hall at Air Studios, London. A super deep-sampled encyclopedia of string articulations and techniques.

      Spitfire Solo Strings

      Three leading, star players on the London session scene lend their personalities to this essential and definitive selection of solo string samples recorded in the hall at Air Studios by award winning engineer Jake Jackson.

      Spitfire Igneous Electric Cello

      Centred around a sophisticated virtual instrument recorded at 3 dynamic layers and 3 bowing positions with a host of "artisan" articulations, and many additional techniques.

      Spitfire Hans Zimmer Piano

      In his fourth collaboration with Spitfire Audio, the legendary trailblazer Hans Zimmer presents the ultimate piano library recorded in the Hall at Air Studios over many weeks.

      Spitfire Orchestral Piano

      At last a contextual piano that actually sounds like it's in the same room as your orchestra. Recorded in the Hall at Air Studios, this piano is designed to sit in with our entire orchestral range.

      Spitfire North 7 Vintage Keys

      The finest maintained Electric Piano, Stage Piano, Electric Keyboard Bass & Electric Clavichord, by the finest of players via a unique, classic and unbeatable signal path by an engineering great.

      Get access to over 10,000 sounds plus hundreds of courses & tutorials - Click Here

      wave-alchemy-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Wave Alchemy Revolution

      Imagine having instant access to the true authentic sound of the iconic TR-909, 808, 606, 707, CR-78, Linndrum, Drumtraks, Drumulator, OB-DX and many others. Imagine a world where this dream becomes reality.

      Wave Alchemy DRM Drums

      DRM Drums serves up over 380 drum samples from a vintage Vermona DRM drum machine. All samples have been lovingly recorded through an API pre-amp with every sound boasting eight round robin variations and four accent layers.

      Tape KPR-77 by Wave Alchemy [FREE]

      The KPR-77 was originally manufactured by Korg in the early 1980’s and was advertised as a cheaper alternative to Roland’s successful TR-606 drum machine. Surprisingly this quirky little analogue machine is capable of producing quite powerful drum sounds, we are especially fond of the toms, snares and claps.

      output-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Analog Strings by OUTPUT

      Analog Strings is a virtual instrument for the modern music maker. It enables you to craft and perform string sounds that are insanely unique and cutting-edge, yet beautiful and creative.

      analog-strings-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Exhale Vocal Engine by OUTPUT

      This Output Kontakt Library is among the best. Featuring tempo syncing FX, stutters, delays, pads, loops, saturation, macros, motion, flux and more. Output provides the starting point, the rest is up to you.

      exhale-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Substance Bass Engine by OUTPUT

      Substance is a deeply produced bass engine combining heavily processed electric and acoustic basses, full live brass sections, huge polysynths, the dirtiest analog synths, insane sound design and much more into single patches.

      Movement Rhythm Processor by OUTPUT

      Movement is an exciting FX plugin that adds powerful rhythms to any input in real-time. Built equally for the studio or stage, use the engine to breathe life into any track or live performance.

      movement-rhythm-processor-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      REV by OUTPUT

      REV is not a “reverse” button like the one on your DAW or sampler. It’s a world of sound design for producers, composers and musicians based on reverse elements.

      heavyocity-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Damage by Heavyocity

      Damage gives you 30 GB of drama fusing industrial sounds and orchestral drums into a devastating electro-acoustic barrage.

      damage-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Vocalise 2 by Heavyocity

      An extraordinary vocal instrument has to start with extraordinary vocal performances, and that’s exactly what Vocalise 2 by Heavyocity has captured in Vocalise 2.

      NOVO by Heavyocity

      Heavyocity had one goal in mind when they set out to create NOVO: “make strings new again.”

      DM-307 by Heavyocity

      The sound of the DM-307 comes from loops, kits, effects, and multis all powered by Kontakt. All loops are designed for seamless layering and maximum flexibility, and are loosely classified into 5 different styles.

      soundiron-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Apocalypse by Soundiron

      Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble is an industry-leading epic percussion juggernaut. This massive drum & cymbal collection weighs in at nearly 25 GB with over 25,000 samples, with astounding sonic power, detail and playability.

      GRANADA 49 by Soundiron

      GRANADA 49 faithfully captures a rare 1970's-era portable analog synthesizer by the now defunct Italian synth-maker Fesma. The instrument's classic wood-accented body echoes the popular aesthetics of the 1970s and its fat, warm analog sound cuts through the mix.

      Bontastic! by Soundiron

      The Soundiron Bontastic Vintage Organ instrument captures with perfect clarity the retro sound of the rare Bontempi B4 Electronic Table Organ. The instrument's vivid orange plastic exterior echoes the popular aesthetics of the 1970s and early 1980s during which time the organ was produced.

      sample-logic-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Electro City by Sample Logic

      Electro City generates grooves that define the future of electronic music and redefine how rhythmic beats and melodic loops are produced.

      Trailer Xpressions by Sample Logic

      Developed for the industry-standard Native Instruments Kontakt sampler, Trailer Xpressions contains over a 1,000 sampled sounds, each of which has been meticulously programmed into 26 instruments and organized within ready-made construction kits making it easy to find that perfect sound for your next trailer or cinematic music track.

      trailer-expressions-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Arpology by Sample Logic

      Arpology Sample Logic’s most groundbreaking achievement to date; the world’s first virtual instrument and MIDI effect dedicated entirely to arpeggiated/sequenced instruments.

      sample-magic-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Bloq by Sample Magic

      Bloq is the debut virtual instrument from Sample Magic. Featuring over 3GB of sample data presented in carefully collated and custom presets, Bloq has been made using some of the most iconic and revered synthesisers and drum machines of all time.

      bloq-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Chiptune by Sample Magic

      Take a trip back to video game nostalgia with an epic 200 drum-shots and chord stabs in custom Kontakt Instruments

      Funk Soul Horns 2 by Big Fish Audio [On Sample Magic]

      Funk Soul Horns 2 takes over where FSH1 left off by adding more musical styles, including Philly Soul, Memphis Soul, Detroit Soul, and Soul Jazz, choosing the size and make-up of each section to match each style.

      native-instruments-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Kinetic Toys by Native Instruments

      Kinetic Toys offers dynamic playback of 200+ recordings of vintage children’s toys, tools, and treats, each with a custom synthesized layer to create playable tones.

      Strummed Acoustic 2 by Native Instruments

      The second edition in the session guitarist series, Strummed Acoustic 2, expands your sound palette with two carefully selected vintage acoustic guitars, an extensive library of patterns and chords, plus real-time performance control.

      strummed-acoustic-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Una Corda by Native Instruments

      Una Corda faithfully captures the  special sound signature of a custom-made contemporary piano with one string per key – originally created by David Klavins in close collaboration with composer Nils Frahm.

      una-corda-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Thrill by Native Instruments

      An indispensable scoring tool for big-screen soundtracks, game scores, sound installations, or live theater productions, Thrill’s all-original content features orchestral recordings and hybrid sound-design based on ambiences, custom-built instruments, voices, pitched metal, synthesized drones, and more.

      Guitar Rig 5 PRO by Native Instruments

      Get perfect custom tone with a complete guitar studio in your computer. Stunning amps and effects – exquisitely modeled in a powerful and intuitive virtual effects rack.

      frozen-plain-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Slow by Frozen Plain

      Slow is a library of ambient pads and soundscapes. It features a finely picked selection of sounds that can be blended and morphed with 2 layers.

      Colourform by Frozen Plain

      Colourform is a Kontakt 5 sample library of picturesque organic sounds. The library explores the link between sound and colour offering a unique inspirational experience.

      The Chordophones by Frozen Plain

      The Chordophones is library of plucked and hammered strings. It focuses on capturing the atmosphere and sustain of steel strings when resonated.

      Phoenix by Frozen Plain

      Phoenix is a powerful tool for creating sustains with movement and character. The samples are from synthetic and granulised sources, yet they are rich and organic sounding.

      phoenix-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Dual Music Box by Frozen Plain

      Dual Music box is a library of 2 music boxes and other sounds. These 3 layers can be mixed together to make a wide variety of music box timbres.

      Terracota by Frozen Plain

      Terracotta is a multisampled flowerpot instrument and organic sound design tool for Kontakt 5. Quite surprisingly, terracotta flowerpots actually have a very pleasing bell-like sound.

      fluffy-audio-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Rinascimento by Fluffy Audio

      36 Renaissance and Medieval instruments sampled in a warm hall.

      Aurora by Fluffy Audio

      Every soundset in Aurora provides some of the versatility of a classical synthesizer combined with the quality of sampled wave sets. Carefully sampled acoustic materials like timpani, bells, self-made instruments, handmade percussions, custom chains of sound design tools to realize soundscapes, drones and pads from acoustic and synthesized sources.

      aurora-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Francesco Lovecchio Solo Oboe by Fluffy Audio

      The Solo Oboe features more than two octaves and a half range, 3 dynamic layers for sustained articulations, 3 true legato articulations, and 4 Round Robins for staccato.

      Time Drops by Fluffy Audio

      The idea of this instrument is to take something beautiful and transform into something else with the proper tools, keeping the maximum sound quality possible. It implements many under the hood adjustments like per-grain custom windows, anti-phasing techniques and synchronized time/rate/densities between grains.

      echo-collective-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      The Rush by Echo Collective

      The rush is a collection of 319 sound rushed files that were generated from 30 lovingly curated sources and carefully rendered in Sound Particles.

      Clink by Echo Collective

      Clink is a clicky little micro library of clicks, latches and whirrs generated from a little found Herschede Starville clock mechanism.

      ORION by Echo Collective

      ORION is a fully featured drum set and step sequencer built for Native Instruments Kontakt.

      Antique Accordion by Echo Collective

      This antique accordion was rescued from a local antique shop. It has a hole in the bellows that creates a distinct wheezing sound, and it is loaded up with strange squeaks, pops and paper textures.

      Forgotten Zither by Echo Collective

      This is a fretless German harp zither, which differs in quality significantly from concert zithers, which have several strings with fretted necks beneath them. This version was manufactured by Friederich Menzenhauer, the father of the zither in the US.

      badcat-samples-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      The Bass-Pedals by Bad Cat Samples

      A sampled set of bass pedals from a Hammond Organ with the option to choose between a Ribbon microphone and/or a Dynamic microphone.

      bass-pedals-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      The Lucky Harp by Bad Cat Samples

      A deeply sampled Celtic Harp instrument with 6 velocity layers and 6 round robins.

      The Performachord by Bad Cat Samples

      A performachord instrument with full control over an impulse response reverb with over 700 sounds.

      sonic-zest-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Darker Tones by Sonic Zest

      Darker Tones is that collection of samples you’ve been looking for, which includes Kalimbas, Mbiras and other unusual pieces of percussion. Get ready to instantly add something new to your mix.

      Ambient Telecaster by Sonic Zest

      Ambient Telecaster is Sonic Zest’s latest ambient guitar library, featuring a host of amazing patches ready to fit straight into your latest composition.

      Cinematic Percussion Engine by Sonic Zest

      A wide range of glass, metal and wooden percussion sounds recorded in a studio. Armed with five round robins, the whole collection of sounds was ran through an arpeggiator – enabling you to readily produce the grooves you’re after.

      precision-sound-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Tranzitone by Precision Sound

      Tranzitone combines the sounds and features of a transistor organ, a string machine, and an analogue-style synthesizer. Twenty-nine simultaneous registers, including five dedicated bass registers, allow you to build up complex sound textures unlike anything else around.

      Bergman Klavitron by Precision Sound

      The Klavitron is a Swedish rare valve organ manufactured in the 60-ties. It has its own sound character mostly because of its percussive settings giving a plucky sound to the solo manual.

      Russian Balalaika by Precision Sound

      Precision sound “Russian Balalaika” sample library is a very detailed sampled Balalaika. The recording was made in the “Usachevsky” studio at the University of Utah, and the instrument was played by Igor Iachimciuc.

      Finnish Concert Kantele by Precision Sound

      The sound of the Kantele is unique and useful in many music genres, both for strumming and arpeggio style playing and melodies.

      indiginus-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Classic Electric Pianos by Indiginus

      A Rhodes and Wurly. Includes controls for effects like phaser, overdrive, and reverb.

      Lead Guitar One by Indiginus

      Lead Guitar One combines a rock lead guitar multisampled instrument with virtual effects pedals that control Kontakt's excellent built-in effects.

      Lap Harp by Indiginus

      Folk instrument popular in Celtic lands as well as Appalachia.

      tronsonic-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      The System 1000M by Tronsonic

      A modular style synth with 10 waveforms and, white noise, pink noise and over 500 presets.

      the-system-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      J4 by Tronsonic

      A synthesizer inspired by a legendary and very special 4 voice Japanese analogue synthesizer from the late 1970’s.

      Stoner Planet T by Tronsonic

      A simple sample set from the Hohner Pianet T electric piano, but with a twist.

      sample-oddity-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Thrash DI by Sampleoddity

      Amp up this direct-input sampled guitar and let fly with metal mayhem!

      Weird Ambient Stuff 2 by Sampleoddity

      How often have you been composing and thought to yourself: “Self, this track requires some weird ambient stuff to make it complete.” Six times, maybe? Perhaps even more than that. This painful realization can be avoided by possessing the proper tool with which to atmospherize your music.

      Peculiar Percussion by Sampleoddity

      Even the most mundane objects can add a unique tonal color to your compositions.   Those same objects, when manipulated digitally, explode into a whole new set of tones and textures. Peculiar Percussion is a collection of random objects with untapped musical potential.

      atom-hub-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Wine Glass by Atom Hub

      Two wine glasses were used in the making of this library - a big one and a small one.

      Drunkeytar by Atom Hub

      Nervous vibrato and improper bending mixed with some detuning. The result? A drunken sounding, fiery stringed experimental instrument.

      Xylophone by Atom Hub

      Seven basic tones on a not so fairly crafted instrument while being hit with a wooden stick.

      umlaut-audio-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      PADS by Umlaut Audio

      Organic synth pad textures, syncopated rhythms patterns and melodic motifs, that’s just the start of what you can create with PADS with NKS integration.

      uBeat by Umlaut Audio

      uBeat lets you drop beats in a flash, all while maintaining pristine control over sounds and effects, bringing together workflows from the old and new.

      ARPS by Umlaut Audio

      Easy to use percussion arpeggiator. Endless rhythmic patterns.

      drumforge-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Drumforge I Sampler

      This sampler is the fastest, most powerful drum sampler on the market. Built from the ground up to be optimized for speed and performance so you can spend less time waiting and more time creating.

      Kickforge by Drumforge

      Fully automatable kick drum building system for crafting unique drum sounds with custom crafted presets built for genre defining productions.

      audio-imperia-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Trailer Guitars II by Audio Imperia

      This library never lets up and always keeps you in the thick of it with its unforgiving sound design and the wide array of electric guitar patches, making it perfect for big, epic cinematic scores.

      Hank Drum by Audio Imperia

      Bryan Leach's main idea behind Hank Drum was to capture the natural relaxing and meditative tones of this absolutely gorgeous sounding instrument. As a composer, he wanted it to be playable with a multi-sampled approach, along with a handful of varying techniques.

      Klavier Gravitas Piano by Audio Imperia

      Originally intended as a private sample library for a group of trailer composers, the two instruments in this series combine the very best of the worlds of raw/organic recordings and post-production/sound design.

      Traveler Aurus by Audio Imperia

      Haunting and whimsical atmospheres, curious objects and materials, volatile and beautiful environmental phenomena, or even mysterious and graceful beasts, all of these surroundings offer not only a new world to see, but a new world to hear as well.

      8dio-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Rhythmic Revolution by 8DIO

      Rhythmic Revolution is an advanced instrument capable of creating an eternity of new and inspiring material. It can literally randomize something new in eternity. Whether you want a Birdman like drum groove or the grittiest of sound designs.

      Hybrid Tools NEO by 8DIO

      Hybrid Tools NEO gives you the ultimate production tool for high-end cinematic music – combined with the latest trends in EDM sound design. NEO is based around our custom 3D mini-browser that allows you to access all sounds immediately.

      hybrid-tools-neo-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      Edge Groove Edition vol. 2 by 8DIO

      8Dio EDM Edge Groove Edition Vol. 2 for Kontakt, Maschine and Sample-Pack is a massive collection of explosive and knife-cutting EDM samples. Produced by Top 10 Beatport DJ’s and with a crazy amount of production-ready Kicks, Snares, Hats, Basses Synths, Lead Synths, FX Synths, Risers, and Growl Synths.

      audiomodern-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      ATOM by Audiomodern

      A unique sound design tool to create a huge range of distinctive cinematic sounds, otherworldly atmospheres, mesmeric drones, emotive synths, noisey pads, organic keys, impressive cinematic effects, transitional elements, impacts and melodic motifs, each with it’s own character and concept behind the creation handcrafted with passion, innovation and technology.

      atom-cymatics-kontakt libraries

      PATHS by Audiomodern

      Loop based sampler instrument for NI Kontakt also available on WAV, Apple Loops, ACID and REX formats. Paths is the perfect collection for crafting dramatic Electronica and Neo-ambient Cinematic styles. If you live to emote in slow tempos, this is the collection for you.

      ABUSER by Audiomodern

      This stunning instrument is packed full of analogue modelled effects, powerful LFO’s, envelopes and an advanced arpeggiator. It is able to create a huge range of sounds, from filthy basses with extremely low frequencies, distorted leads, mellow saturated melodic poly-synths and everything in between.

      Gain access to thousands of free samples, presets, and more: Cymatics Free Download Vault

      Best Free Kontakt Libraries

      NS Drums J-311

      NS Drum is a well-crafted and high quality sounding acoustic kit. Not only does the library sound great, but if offers the ability to really customize your drum sound with a nice set of sensible parameters.

      Bigcat Drummers Paradise

      Nathan Sheeran sampled eight drum kits, 7 acoustic and 1 house, and kindly shared them. These are great for instant gratification as they load up really quickly and sound good. They are about 3 to 5 MB’s each and so are great for low RAM situations.


      Jam packed full of Electronic Grooves, Arpeggiated Sequences, Manipulated Synths, Cinematic FX, Unique and Expressive Performance Patches, this beauty has a whole world of surprises waiting to be unleashed!

      Do you want to learn music production faster than ever? - Click Here

      Jonathan’s Glockenspiel

      Jonathan’s Glockenspiel is a beautiful 1 and a half octave glockenspiel sample library for Kontakt.

      Sync 3 LE

      Glitch grooves, ambient sounds, IDM sequences, minimal loops and percussions.

      Amore Grand Piano

      The free Amore Grand Piano for NI Kontakt 3+

      Angel’s Harp

      662 Mb fully sampled harp library.


      Free Djembe Kontakt Instrument.


      Includes: Mega Drum Machines Collection, Acoustic Bass, Pianowa, and more.

      Baby Brand

      Sample Modern’s Baby Grand piano is a live recorded and one layered Kontakt instrument for the ones who demands high quality, lightness and basic interface.

      Bigcat Saxophone Collection

      Some sax instruments from public domain and creative commons samples.

      Bolder Sounds

      Includes: Granular Bottles, Harmonica, Mini Sax, Music Box, Ocarina and more.

      Choir Sample Pack

      A free Choir Kontakt Instrument containing multiple choirs and vowels.

      Cinematique Instruments

      Includes: Marble, Ensemblia, Fabrique, Gecko, and more.

      Crypto Cipher

      Includes: Tabla Mouth Percussion, Double Sided Hand Drum, and more.

      Fairly Confusing Waveforms

      Includes: Rhythm Assembler, Spookomatic, Chop Shop, Bassmeister and more.

      Handheld Sounds

      Includes: Table Drum, PianoBoom, Claps’n’Stomps, Tin Can, MiniNaal, and more.

      Haphaestus Sounds

      Includes: Solemn, Sax Appeal, Clean Guitar, Hang Drum and more.

      Hugo Kant

      Includes: Zither, Banjo, Toy Piano And more.

      Impact Soundworks

      Includes: Stroh Violin and Cinematic Synthetic Drums.

      Juicy Drum Kits

      Includes: Abstrakt Vol 1, Godfather Strings, Nintendo Gameboy Sounds and more.


      Includes: Acoustic Guitars, Garage Vinyl, Yamaha Kit and more.

      Project Exodus

      127 Cinematic Kontakt Patches.


      Includes: Sax on the Beach, Modular Ascension, Alien Beatscapes and more.

      Sample Science

      31 Free Kontakt Instruments.


      Shortnoise is a unique and inspiring electronic sample library with a huge 6GB of content and over 300 Kontakt instruments to choose from.


      The demo version of the world’s most powerful pulse engine.

      Simple Flute

      What is it? Simply a flute.


      Includes: Kazoos, Music Boxes, Speak & Spell and more.

      Toy Piano

      A small USSR piano with a unique sound that resembles a xylophone.

      Victorian Music Box

      Victorian Music Box is a multisampled antique music box for Kontakt 5.


      Percussion sound effects on the violin.

      Pro Tone Element Series

      Royalty-free, top-notch sounds, all for your arsenal, in the popular NI Kontakt format. Don’t miss it!

      Pro Tone Elements 001 Dirty 808

      Pro Tone Elements 002 Analog Lo-Fi Bass

      Pro Tone Elements 003 Virus Hypersaw

      Pro Tone Elements 004 Granular Jomox

      Pro Tone Elements 005 Synthetic Guitars

      Pro Tone Elements 006 EMU-verb Cussive

      Pro Tone Elements 007 Outside Space

      Pro Tone Elements 008 Nasty Drumatix

      Pro Tone Elements 009 12-Bit Grand

      Pro Tone Elements 010 Deep Moog

      Binary Music

      ARP Odyssey

      Valve 4 Op

      [Yamaha TX18X Synth]


      [Ensoniq SQ80 Synth]

      Soundethers Freefall

      Deep and evolving sounds for ambient soundtracks, chillout, IDM, glitch and more.

      Old German Concertina

      Leaky, creaky, and squeaky is the best way to describe this antique concertina. Still, this concertina's charming sound is still worthy of being heard and enjoyed.


      If you know about any other incredible companies and Kontakt libraries that we might have missed, and that you believe should be included in this list, let us know in the comments - we’ll keep updating this list!

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